Chapter 23 – Truth (2)

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Huge announcement concerning the translation for
「The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap.」

Hi there dear readers!

First off, I apologize for the lack of update these days. The reason why I started translating this was that I wanted to share the journey and mishap of Ruri. I was well caught up with the original WN release at this point.

Then, comes the announcement of LN and manga release for the White Cat from the author. Goes without saying, I bought all of them and found out that there's a slight difference between both WN and LN version.

This kinda shook my resolve to continue the TL of the WN version as I myself prefer LN version of a particular novel if there is both WN and LN version of it. And it is my believe that LN is the final version of how the author wants his/her story to be.

Long story short, after a long deliberation, I've decided to drop the TL of the WN and start with the LN version of The White Cat.

I know a lot of you might be disappointed by this, but just before I was about to post this update, Steff gracefully posted his/her site for the next chapter, and safe to say, the quality is awesome! Maybe even better than my lousy grammar errors ridden version.
Go over there and support him/her! Oh and Steff, if you are reading this, contact me~
Gotta let people know about your version. ;p

Another change that will come of this is, the release of the manga version of The White Cat. In this case, a picture will always trump text in terms of conveying cuteness, and dang is Ruri and the fairies cute in the manga drawn by Aki.

I considered putting the release of the manga behind a paywall to offset some of my server fees. But as a reader myself, I hate to go through that myself and thus refrain from doing so. However, I will put my release behind a pseudo chapter announcement page to deter other scrapping sites from stealing my content. Check it out here!

In short, releases will still come out, albiet in a really slow pace due to IRL matter, but I am going to stick around until I finish translating all of the LN! So, apologies.

With the changes going on, the best way to get notified on Manga and LN releases is to subscribe to my Email alerts before I get everything ordered on Novelupdates. So if you haven't, subscribe to it!
If you clicked on "Don't show again" in the pop-up window, clear your cache to make it reappear.

Well then, I suppose that covers everything for now. Till next time!


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