Chapter 20 – A Disturbing Rumor

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Ruri was about to depart to the restaurant of her part-time job when she was stopped by Jade.
As she was held to eye level by Jade, her heart thumped hard as she stares into Jade’s deep green eyes.

“Ruri, I’ll be leaving the castle with Finn and Klaus for a while. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to tell Euclase or Agete.” -Jade

『Where are you going, Jade(-sama)?』-Ruri

“I’m heading to the Spirit Kingdom. I’ll be back in a few days, so stay good, ok?” -Jade

『I’m not a child.』-Ruri

Jade can’t help but gave a little smile when he saw Ruri pouting when he messes with her.

“Because you have been going on these frequent walk quite often these few days, I got a bit worried that’s all.
How about it, do you wanna follow me?” -Jade

When Ruri heard that she won’t be able to see Jade for a short while, she did think of following him. But she has her part-time job in the restaurant.
Just when Ruri was facing a hard time choosing between her part-time job and Jade, Klaus interfered.

“That can’t do, Your Majesty. Both me and Finn will be attending the meeting as well, so there won’t be anybody looking after Ruri.” -Klaus

“Hahhh… that’s true.” -Jade

Jade gave a disappointing sigh while holding onto Ruri tightly for the last time. He then placed her on the ground.

“That can’t be helped. We can’t leave Ruri alone after all.” -Jade

『I can take care of myself, you know?』-Ruri

Whether she goes or not, having Klaus and Jade think that she can’t be left alone kinda offended her.

“I know. That’s not really the reason…” -Klaus

No understanding why Klaus was hesitating in his answer, Ruri tilted her head in confusion.

“The both of you, it’s time.” -Finn

Rushed by Finn, Jade patted Ruri’s head softly while saying “I’ll get you some souvenir.” and then proceeded to leave with both Klaus and Finn.

Soon after, 3 dragon-form characters could be seen flying in the sky. Ruri sent them off right until the very end.

『Do you like that king?』-Rin

『Har?! W-what are you talking about….!』-Ruri

Ruri was visibly shaken by the comment.

『That’s not true! You’re mistaken!!』-Ruri

『… Your action betrays your words you know?…』-Rin


Ruri calmed herself down by taking a few deep breath, and once again states her refusal to the matter.

『You’re really mistaken. It’s true that I like him, but it’s not to the level I would call love.』-Ruri

Ruri was not being bashful. She likes Jade, but the feeling is still at the level where taking it all back is possible.

『Not from my standpoint it’s not though.』-Rin

『I’m not lying!… Besides, Jade has someone he likes.』-Ruri

Ruri got dishearted by her own words.

『Is that so?』-Rin

『Yeah. You know Klaus that was talking to me just now? His son Joshua is currently on an assignment to bring back that girl to the castle.
That’s why no matter how much I like him, it’s only going to be one-sided.』-Ruri

Hearing that, Rin’s eye became wide open as he scolded Ruri while flapping his fin.

『Why are you being so weak hearted? Love is something you should fight for! If you can’t do it, I’ll dirty my hand by helping you destroy(kill) your rival!!』-Rin

『Absolutely not! You’re forbidden to do that, understood? I don’t want to get someone with that method.』-Ruri

『Naive! Why are you giving up before the fight even begin??』-Rin

『Even if you say that…』-Ruri

The reason why Ruri isn’t taking aggressive actions towards the success of a relationship was without a doubt because of Asahi.

The first guy Ruri liked also fancied Asahi’s eye. From there, it’s the usual story of him becoming super attached to Asahi and even became hostile towards Ruri…
Ruri’s first BF in middle school admitted that he dated her just to get close to Asahi.
‘In that case, I should just date someone from another school that Asahi doesn’t know’, so thought Ruri. But even then, Asahi stuck to Ruri like a leech and followed her nonetheless. The next day after Ruri’s BF met with Asahi, they would just break up with her…

The repeat of this situation traumatized Ruri to the extent that she is now passive in the matters of relationship.

Ruri now knows that all that was because of the charm magic. Such a magic won’t affect someone with strong magic power like Jade.
Even so, Ruri still doesn’t try to woo Jade.
She made up her mind that she won’t be chosen by Jade anyway, and didn’t act on her feelings.

『Ruri is sensitive in the weird of places.』-Rin

『How rude! Are you trying to say that I’m emotionless or something?』-Ruri

『That’s exactly what I’m saying. Normally, nobody would be able to survive being thrown into a forest all by themselves. They would certainly break down long before.』-Rin

Ruri first wondered why Rin knew about that, but then came to the conclusion that other fairies told him.
It’s true that even after being thrown into the forest, the few days before she met Chelsea, Ruri didn’t exactly feel sad or depressed and was going on her day like normal. She even slept like a log during those days.
But Ruri didn’t want to admit that, that’s why she stayed silent.

With a slightly dejected mood, Ruri headed towards the restaurant to start her part-time.

The customer that came in one after another on that day started a conversation that peaked Ruri’s interest.

“Huh? A war?” -Ruri

Unintentionally, Ruri joined in on the conversation. The customers gladly brought Ruri up to speed. They were a bunch of traders that was heading to the capital.

“That’s right. Just recently, I passed through the neighboring country called Nadarsia over the other side of the forest and saw that they were buying up a large number of weapons. They are definitely preparing for a war.”

“Nadarsia…” -Ruri

Without taking much notice of the serious face Ruri was currently making, the trader continued his talk.

“I’m sure the target is this Dragon Kingdom.”

“That country just doesn’t learn!”

Ruri was puzzled by the laughs of the traders.
Although Ruri never actually experienced war before, from TV and books she surmised that war is a terrifying and sad thing to happen.

However, why is it she wondered, that the traders in front of her not only didn’t show a shred of fear or nervousness, they were even talking about war like it’s a joke or something.

“How can you guys be so optimistic? A war might break out after all…” -Ruri

The traders braggingly answered Ruri’s slightly condemning question.

“Well, that’s because it won’t be much of a war! It’s a sure thing that the Dragon Kingdom will come out as the victor.”

“Are you from another country, missy? If so, I can’t blame you for not knowing this. Truth is, Nadarsia had waged war against the Dragon Kingdom multiple times in the past. And every time, Nadarsia was given a serious slap in the face about the futility of their action.

There was just no way Human could win against the Dragon Race, so said the traders while laughing.

When Ruri thought back about the Training Ground she visited before, she can’t help but agree with their sentiment.
That abnormal recovery rate even after being stabbed, strong physical strength and magic power, even taking off one of those perks, Human still don’t stand a chance against people of the Dragon Race.

Ruri thought of the faces of people from Dragon Race that she knew, and gave a sigh of relieve. The faces that came next was people she knew from Nadarsia…

“It is safe to say that people from the Dragon Kingdom’s side will be fine, but at the same time, wouldn’t that mean the damage to Nadarsia will be devastating?” -Ruri

“I suppose so. But Nadarsia is the one who is starting the war. If they are prepared to kill, then they have to face the risk of getting killed as well. Missy, are you from Nadarsia?”

“No. However I have acquaintance that are from Nadardia……” -Ruri

The traders showed a sympathizing expression.

“That’s unfortunate to hear. I’m sorry for talking so lightly about the death of Nadarsia citizen. No doubt you’re worried if you have acquaintances from there.”

“Yeah……” -Ruri

Probably being conscious of Ruri’s obvious sadden face, the traders changed the topic of their conversation.

“Oh yeah, by the way missy, have you heard of the Shrine Maiden?”

Ruri feigned ignorance and without any emotion showing from her face, she shook the head.

“It is rumored that the Shrine Maiden will bring forth prosperity to that country.”

Another trader took a gulp of water and threw in his opinion.

“That is for sure a made-up story. If she was supposed to bring glory to that country, they wouldn’t use her to wage war.
Just by looking at how many refugees from their country are coming into the Dragon Kingdom, forget about prospering, it’s heading towards the path of ruins.”

“Instead of giving up the notion of war, they are even placing the Shrine Maiden in the front line!”


Ruri almost couldn’t control herself from shouting aloud.

“Some ‘Shrine Maiden’ she is. Just what is she doing while the citizen of Nadarsia is suffering?”

“I feel you. When I was on my way here, Nadarsia refugees were flooding the fort by the borders. The Dragon King might even need to personally handle the matter this time.”

Ruri remembered how tired Jade is in recent days.
The reason for that could very well be this whole Nadarsia situation.

The country that summoned Ruri, Asahi and the rest of her ‘friends’.

(I’m sure I was used as some sort of talking point to start this war.)

There was no way someone from a peaceful world like Asahi would even consider starting a war. That leaves only one person in the equation.

Ruri was very concerned. However, what to do with this situation?….

When Ruri returned to the castle in her cat form, she was sitting on the sofa deep in thought when Rin spoke out to her.

『If you are so worried, just go have a look then.』-Rin


『You’re worried, right?』-Rin

Ruri nodded.

Although Ruri thought of taking her revenge against the King of Nadarsia multiple times in the past, she didn’t want to destroy her peaceful no-Asahi lifestyle. That’s why she didn’t even go near Nadarsia.

Personally, Ruri did not want to have anything to do with Asahi and her so-called ‘classmates’ that pinned that false charge on her. However, if a war were to happen with them involved, Ruri couldn’t leave them alone. After everything said, they are all from the same world.

『If that’s so, I’ll go prepare for the journey!』-Rin

『You’ll be coming with me too, Rin?』-Ruri

Ruri was looking at Rin, who was even more pumped up for the journey than she is.

『Of course! There’s no way I could just let you go to a hostile land alone!』-Ruri

『Thank you.』-Ruri

The normally weak-willed Ruri could hear multiple voices around her, telling her that they will follow her as well. Upon hearing that, Ruri can’t help but smile at the fact that she’ll be surrounded by these encouraging companions on her journey to Nadarsia.

Since she is going out, she will have to make a report.
If a Cherished One were to suddenly disappear, there will be a huge uproar after all.

However, Jade, Klaus, and Finn are not in the country.
In that case, Ruri should look for Agete. During her search, Ruri found out that Agete was at that time hospitalized in the infirmary due to a dislocated hip.
For a Dragon Race that would move about like nothing even if they are hungry, it was weird that someone would be incapacitated by a simple dislocated hip. It seems that because of his old age, Agete no longer has the fast recovery speed of the younger ones.

The only one left would be Euclase. In a normal situation, Agete was supposed to be standing in for Jade in his duty, but with Agete out of commission, Euclase is covering for him. The situation in the office is akin to a battleground right now.

When Ruri opened the door to the office, Euclase was throwing out angry remarks to the aide of men standing beside her while giving out and handling tasks herself simultaneously in a scary face. Ruri was scared shitless by the scene that she could only close the door and start walking towards the opposite direction.

She didn’t have the courage to disturb Euclase.

As her last resort, Ruri turned back to human form in her room and wrote a letter.

There lies a problem. All these while Ruri was living with Chelsea, she didn’t learn much about the writing of this world.

Life in the forest does not require writing. Chelsea prioritizes the teaching of knowledge pertaining this world and the control of Ruri’s magic power. She also only taught Ruri basic numbers and words that she should know during her visit to the market in the town. She wasn’t taught of complex sentences used in this world.

Although she started studying the writing of this world with Agete, she could only do simple writing vocabularies.

So with that limited writing vocabulary, she tried her best to link up words that might make sense and finished writing a letter. After that, she changed back to cat form and passed the letter to one of the aides in the castle, telling them to pass it on to Euclase.

Ruri departed to Nadarsia, not realizing the huge situation that is to come about when the content of her letter was largely misunderstood.

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