Chapter 19 – Gossip 3

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There are countless fairies roaming about in this world. Within their ranks, there’s a few distinction between them: Lower tier, middle tier, upper tier.

Standing at the top are 12 fairies that are categorized as the top tiers.

Right now, one of the top tier fairy with the water element was on his way to meet with another of the top tiers.

It was the fairy that controls wind element. The fairy in question was one of the most unpredictable of the 12 and has a predisposition to hating Human and have no affliction with any party.

Unexpectedly, that fairy has recently accepted the name given by a Human to him.

The action of getting a name is something of a huge matter for fairies.

When a fairy gets a name from a person, it acts as a form of acknowledgment of the fairy’s identity and in the same time form a named contract between them.

A normal contract is more of an agreement between the fairy and the other party, where the fairy merely lends its power and is free to stop cooperating anytime it wants.

A named contract, on the other hand, is a contract that lasts until the death of the person who named it. And the fairy normally takes on the name as its own even after the contract ends.

Just by getting a name, the instant effect and lingering after effect would be a big deal for a fairy.

That’s why not just anybody can give out names. It is possible for an individual with strong magic power to forcefully do it to a lower tier fairy, but doing it to a top-tier fairy practically guarantees the death of that person.

The word “possible” is stressed right here because if anybody even tries to do it, fairies from the upper tier would go over to stop the person. Safe to say, it won’t end well for that person.

In the case of something like that happening to the wind fairy, he’ll probably just straight solo kill the person. The wind fairy’s pride wouldn’t have allowed him to forgive anyone who tries to force a named contract onto him.

That very same prideful wind fairy that prioritize his freedom more than anything somehow willingly allowed a Human to give him a name.

This was nothing less than surprising.

After hearing the story, the water fairy went out in search of that Human. However, 2 years have passed since then, and the person of interest was no longer where she was said to be.

Fairies are immortal, so their sense of time is distorted.

So delaying the meeting with the Human, the water fairy went to the meet the wind fairy…and was aghast by what he sees. Just what exactly made the prideful wind fairy to change into such an idiotic loyal dog?

『Are you out of your mind? A fairy of wind element such as yourself possessing a magical beast with no affinity with wind element, you’re basically sealing up your magic willingly.』

The current wind fairy could not even use telepathy.

Fairies can transmit their thoughts to each other without telepathy. But the inability to use telepathy meant that communication between Ruri and the wind fairy was not possible, and that was a cause of disappointment for the huge magical beast standing in front of the now speechless water fairy.

The wind fairy explained that the reason he possessed a huge and strong magical beast was so that he could protect Ruri from the soldiers from Nadarsia. He honestly thought that Ruri would be delighted with his appearance.

However, he found out that Ruri preferred cute and mofu mofu over brute strength. After saying that, the wind fairy once again fell into dejection.

『Oh ‘wind’-one, if you are so broken-hearted about this, you could just change your body!』-Water Fairy

『I am no longer called the ‘wind’-one. I am now Kotarou. It’s a name
Ruri gave me. A name I can call my own.』-Kotarou

If someone were to enter this scene, all they could see was a magical beast making a “Bumo Bumo” sound, but they could clearly see that the magical beast is delighted about something.

For the usually calm and emotionless wind fairy to make such a happy expression, the water fairy was drawn in interest.

『Hey, is getting a name something so delightful?』-Water Fairy

『Yes. Before this, I couldn’t understand why the ‘time’-one and other fairies with names were making a big deal out of this matter. But I understand it now. Being called my name by Ruri brings me so much joy.』-Kotarou

『Joy you say?』-Water Fairy

『You can just ask for a name from Ruri if you want. I’m sure you’ll like her too. Even the ‘time’-one let Ruri call her by her name. 』-Kotarou

One exclusive privilege that fairies with names have, is their choice of who is allowed to call them with the name they so cherished. Just by allowing someone to call them by their name, it serves as a proof of how much they like the person.

『Hmm, Ruri huh? Still, I’m surprised. If it is someone you fancy so much, I was fully expecting you to not let me get near her.』-Water Fairy

『Ruri is alone in this world. Even now, she still gets lonely thinking about her family. I want to make her smile. That’s why I would like to fill the loneliness in her heart. If you are in her life, she’ll be less lonely!』-Kotarou

The water fairy didn’t really fancy the idea of being under a contract, but looking at the face of the delightful looking wind fairy that changed to this extent only by having named by the Human called Ruri, he started to think that it might not actually be such a bad idea to be named by her.

『I see. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to meet her. Since I’m here anyway, I’ll get a body before I meet her.』-Water Fairy

After hearing that, the wind fairy looked at the water fairy with a pained expression.

『What?』-Water Fairy

『I want to go too. But Ruri told me to stay with the old Dragon Race
person.』-Wind Fairy

The water fairy looked at the now dejected wind fairy and can’t stop thinking about how he changed so much.

『Can’t you just get the permission from that Dragon Race person?
Since you can’t use telepathy, do you want me to speak on your behalf?』-Water Fairy

After hearing that, the wind fairy raised his head and was wagging his tail happily.
The grass around him was getting mowed by his tail.

Both party then went to Chelsea’s and explained the situation. Chelsea probably also didn’t know that Kotarou was a fairy as she showed a slightly surprised face, but in the end, she gave her ok for Kotarou to go to Ruri’s side.

The water fairy then promptly took his leave and went to Ruri’s.

As for the wind fairy, in order to find a better-suited body that would bring a smile to Ruri’s face, he left the forest and headed towards the Spirit Kingdom.
He had done all the required research beforehand.
The mofu mofu race that Ruri like, can be found in the capital of the Spirit Kingdom.

The capital looks like a castle floating on a lake. And behind that castle was a forest that was called the ‘Sacred Sanctuary’. Kotarou has his eye on a sanctified animal called the ‘Holy Beast’.

Its appearance is that a wolf but bigger in size by a few factors. Its bright white fluffy fur gives out a godly aura that fits its status.

The wind fairy was complementing himself that he had done a good job at finding a body that would make Ruri happy. As he was doing that, he turned his attention to the activity around him.

The holy beasts are animals with high intelligence. With only a glance at Kotarou, they fully comprehend the magic power of the wind-fairy and took a submissive stance by bowing down.

The largest in the pack came up to the front.

Once Kotarou told him of his desire to have one of their body, the holy beast told him that one of their kin recently passed away and if it’s possible, to use that body.

『Is the fur on that body beautiful?』-Kotarou

For Kotarou, the state of the fur is the utmost priority. If that criteria is not fulfilled, then there’s no meaning in choosing that body.

If needed, he was fully prepared to hunt down those in front of him. But that doesn’t seem to be required.

That’s because one of their own just died recently due to poison.

It was one of the young ones. His curiosity proved to be fatal as his life came to an end after he ate something poisonous not knowing its effect.

He didn’t have the best fur, but because he died of poisoning at a young age, his body was without external injury and his appearance was the same as he was alive. Because of that, his body was to be left alone by the consensus of the holy beasts.

Kotarou was thinking.

He prefers getting the one with better fur as so to delight Ruri.
However, the body size of a young one is much smaller than that of an adult one. Ruri likes cute things, so she might like the smaller body more than a big one, so thought Kotarou. And so, he accepts their offer.

A single white wolf-like body was laid on the altar of a temple in the forest.

Its size was indeed much smaller than the other holy beasts. But its beautiful body was perfectly preserved that it wouldn’t be weird for it to suddenly spring up to life again.

Kotarou left the body of the magical beast he has been possessing all these time and entered the body of the holy beast.

At that moment, the magical beast that was now soulless fell to the ground as the holy beast on the altar started rising up.

Pleased with his new body, Kotarou wagged his tail to show his contentment.

There was still a small matter of getting used to the new body, but that’ll come naturally, so Kotarou wasn’t that worried. Plus, he was now able to use his power.

Kotarou was in a very good mood as he was now able to go to Ruri’s side.

From what he heard, Ruri is now living as a white cat.

『White fur, just like Ruri. And this mofu mofu feeling, Ruri will be delighted.』

Imagining Ruri hugging him, Kotarou gave out a happy howl.

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