Chapter 18 – Air Floating Sea Angel

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(I feel like I should do something before it becomes too late…)

Such heavy thoughts have been on Ruri’s mind for these few days.

Ever since that time she had her first intimate sleeping session with Jade, it’s as if Jade got addicted to the notion, he started to treat the action of sleeping with Ruri like it’s common sense.

Not only that, wanting to have Ruri beside him at all times, he even prepared a small bed in his office just for her.

… Not that it was of much use anyway, considering that Ruri was laying on Jade’s lap most of the time.

Ruri was living a life of sleeping, eating, sleeping… ad infinitum. She was deviating further and further from her initial purpose of coming to the capital, that is to learn the ways of life in this world.

At this rate, she was going to be a useless ca… Apologies, useless human. With that in mind, she started putting in the effort to save herself from such a terrifying fate.

“… So, what exactly is it that you want?…” -Euclase

Euclase was holding a document on one hand while saying that to Ruri.

Euclase was showing a slightly annoyed face, but Ruri had no one else to confide her problem with.

With Joshua now in some other country to verify the info about a girl that looks like someone Jade had interest in, Euclase was the only other party that knows about Ruri’s cat-human dilemma.

“I would like to work if that’s possible…” -Ruri

“Do you understand the position you are in? You are a Cherished One! What if something happens to you?
We’ll provide anything you need, so just relax and treat this place like you would your own.” -Euclase

“I want to work and earn enough income to live a life where I can support myself.
Besides, the reason why I even came to the capital in the first place was to learn about this world. If Chelsea were to know that I’m just lazing around every day, imagine how angry she’ll get… ” -Ruri

The thought alone was giving Ruri goosebumps.

“I understand where you are coming from. However, you know how worry His Majesty gets when you’re not beside him. What sort of excuse would you give him then? Seeing as you haven’t told him that you’re Human, you can’t exactly say “I’m working.”, can’t you?” -Euclase

“I just have to keep my sessions short then. Normal cats walk around without any destination in mind too.” -Ruri

“But still…” -Euclase

“Please Euclase-san! You’re the only person who can assist me!” -Ruri

And with that, Ruri somehow managed to convince Euclase.

And so…

“Welcome!-” -Ruri

Ruri started working in a restaurant owned by an acquaintance of Euclase in the neighboring town.

Wearing a hair wig prepared by Euclase to cover up her obvious blonde hair, she started her part-time job.

Knowing that she’ll cause a huge commotion if she’s gone for too long, she only worked during the rush hour in the morning.

The owner of the restaurant in question was a couple formally employed by Euclase household.

Due to their old age, they quitted their job at the household and started this restaurant together.

“Having Ruri-chan here is like a godsend! I heard that you’re only going to be working here for a short period, but if we have the chance, we would give you full employment in a heartbeat.”

“I’ve also longed to work in this profession, so I’m having a lot of fun.” -Ruri

Although it’s a little different than a restaurant, Ruri had always wanted to work in a cafe.

No matter what sort of job interview Ruri went to, that one person will always somehow appear as well. That person is Asahi.

In hope of not being hired together with Asahi, Ruri always went for job interviews that were hiring the least amount of people. And as always, without fault, Asahi will be the one that got hired.

And just like clockwork, Asahi will quit her job with the excuse of “If I’m not working with Ruri, there’s no reason to stay here.”. Understandably, Ruri was super furious about it.

In the end, the only part-time job that Ruri managed to get into in her original world, was modeling jobs that her mother introduced her to, through her connection in the business.

A job where she works as a model wearing cute outfits, getting her picture taken is not something Ruri wanted to do. However, as a student, she needs that extra money for her social life as it never seems to be enough.

Plus, although it wasn’t something Ruri really wanted to do in life, the fact was that Asahi wasn’t there with her. That single reason alone means that there was no place more comfortable than the modeling studio.

Weird thing was that those who associate with Ruri’s mother tend to prioritize Ruri even if both Asahi and Ruri were present together, even though everybody else just gets drawn by Asahi.

Asahi’s charm magic somehow doesn’t work on them.

Back then, Ruri wasn’t aware that magic exists, and merely thought that the reason her own mother never sided towards Asahi was that her own charm (Ruri’s mother) exceeded that of Asahi’s. And with that misunderstanding, Ruri also had times where she lamented, depressingly thinking that she was not charming enough.

However, Asahi should be using charm magic unconsciously nonetheless.

According to Chelsea, those without defense against magic was supposed to feel the effect of a charming magic more strongly, so why?

Ruri started to wonder.

It was then when Ruri remembered something.

Charm magic doesn’t work on people whos magic power is stronger than the caster, or to those that are already under the influence of an ongoing charm magic cast by someone else.


Chelsea also said that magic power is something inherited.

Those with strong magic power will have a higher chance of having a child with strong magic power like themselves.


Ruri started to remember more details of her past.

It was about her grandfather that force fed all those survival knowledge into her.

He was a guy with tons of amusing stories such as how back during his service, he alone decimated a whole platoon of enemy soldiers all the while being showered by enemy bullets. There was also that story where he took down a huge tree with just his fist alone.

Ruri chalked it all up as exaggeration when she first heard about them, but if magic was involved…

Another past event that is currently sticking out for Ruri was that both her mother and grandfather tend to talk to themselves. They would look towards empty space and initiate a conversation. And by the way they were conversing, it was like someone else was really present.

At times, Ruri’s grandfather would look at her and say “Is she able to…?” wherein her mother would reply “Not yet.” which they both would then show a disappointed expression.

Ruri would then look towards the empty space only to be met with… nothing as she tilts her head in confusion.


The fairies that are around Ruri all the time would seem to fit the puzzle. Talking about those fairies, they should be looking out for Ruri from a distance away right now in order to not interfere with her part-time job.

(…There’s no way… Right?… I mean…)

At this moment, Ruri felt as if she just stumbled upon the truth of the world.

Ruri was trying hard to think of any other explanation that would explain the actions of her mother and grandfather, but she was coming up blank. Her current hypothesis was the only acceptable one to explain the obvious weirdness displayed by the both of them.

That said, there was no way for Ruri to confirm the facts right now, so she dropped the matter. She was somewhat relieved though.

Over at her original world, Ruri’s sudden disappearance probably made her a hidden person case. They are probably worried.

But at the very least, the fact that Ruri was not met with an accident or kidnapping was probably concluded in the investigation.

…… Well, in a sense, this whole experience was akin to kidnapping. Ruri is now in a parallel world, with the possibility of not being able to return to her original world.

Although she might not be able to reunite with them, just the thought that they might know Ruri is now in a parallel world gave her some level of solace.

They might be worried about her, but there was no reason for them to be sad.

After all, both her mother and grandfather raised her to be tough enough to survive even in a parallel world.

They should be thinking that she’s doing all right by herself.

With that, Ruri felt like one of the anchors that held her to her original world disappeared.


“Sorry to bother you Ruri-chan, but could you run one last errand before you finish up for today?”

“Gladly~” -Ruri

It seems that because of the morning rush hour, there won’t be enough food supply for the evening business. So Ruri was asked to get more supply from the market nearby.

The next event took place during her return from the market. Something that shouldn’t be in the middle of the road was floating right in front of her.

“Hmm? A sea angel?… Ah, it fell.” -Ruri

The sea angel that was floating in the air dropped to the ground, right in front of Ruri, like it just gave up on life.

The sea angel Ruri know of are transparent in color. However, this particular sea angel was milky white with a slightly pinkish fin to come with it.

And the biggest difference is, this sea angel is huge when you consider the average size of sea angels. Being just slightly smaller than Ruri’s fist, it might no longer be qualified to be called a sea angel.

However, although the color and the size was out of the norm, there was no mistake, this majestic form of a creature was without a doubt, a sea angel.

And why is this creature of the sea, at times even called the fairy of the drift ice, doing floating in the air where there isn’t sea water or ice?…

Ruri crouched to take a good look at the sea angel. Without warning…

『W-Wa… Water……』

“?! It spoke?” -Ruri

Surprised by the sudden fold of event, Ruri instantly took a distance from the sea angel. However, she understood the situation by the plea of water and wasted no time to execute her next action.

Grabbing both the sea angel and her groceries, she began dashing towards the direction of the restaurant at full speed.

She dived into the restaurant, left the grocery on the counter, went for a bucket, filled it up with water from the well, carried the bucket to the back of the store, and released the sea angel into it.

Ruri then remembered that sea angels was a sea creature and promptly went inside the store to get some salt.

After she got her hands on some, she poured it all into the bucket.

As she was in a rush, the amount of salt we are talking here easily made a mountain shape, sticking out from the bucket. By the time Ruri realize that it was too much, it was already too late.

『Why did you add salt?? That’ll just make the water darn salty wouldn’t it?! 』

The revived sea angel was shouting. This gave Ruri the confirmation that she wasn’t imagining the sea angel talking earlier.

Although the sea angel was furious, the red bulging eyes it was making coupled with its angel-like looks made Ruri’s heart flutter.

“I thought sea angel was a sea creature?” -Ruri

『I’m a freshwater creature!』

The sea angel in the bucket was flapping its fin while complaining.

However, the creature in the bucket was evidently something different. It merely looked similar to a sea angel. Well, that much was obvious, since sea angels weren’t supposed to be FLOATING in the air.

『Let’s just leave the matter at that. Not only did you save me, I was able to get to the person I was going to meet, safely.』

“You wanted to meet me?” -Ruri

『That’s correct.』

Ruri can’t think of any reason for a sea angel to want to meet her.
Ignoring the confusion shown by Ruri, the sea angel stated its demand.

『Give me a name!』

“Huh?! A name? Why something like a name?” -Ruri

『You gave Kotarou his name, right?
I want you to give me a name so that I can show it off proudly!
So… give me a name!』

Somehow, the name ‘Kotarou’ was mentioned… The only ‘Kotarou’ Ruri knows of is that one person, or rather, that one animal. Ruri had to confirm it.

“By Kotarou, do you mean the magical beast that looked like a pig, that Kotarou?” -Ruri

『That’s right. That idiot wind fairy ignored his own wind attribute and went on to possess an earth-only attribute body. Because of that, he was unable to use his power at all.』

From that, one small detail caught Ruri’s attention.

“Ehh? Kotarou was a fairy?! Not a magical beast?” -Ruri

『Only the body is that of a magical beast. The soul in the body for both this and his are us fairies. I see that he didn’t tell you that.
We fairies do not have a physical body. But fairies of higher level will sometimes possess the body of a magical beast or even people at times.
Up until recently, I myself do not possess a physical body. In order to meet you, I went to the river to borrow this body. Halfway through though, I couldn’t replenish myself with the water I need. My situation was so critical that I almost had to find a new body.』

“Haaaar….” -Ruri

Ruri gave a languid reply.

Ruri was bombarded with so much information in such a short time that she didn’t know what sort of response she should be giving.

“Why are you possessing a body to meet me?” -Ruri

『According to the fairies around you, they said that you like cute things. That’s why I went searching for a cute looking body. What do you think of this body?
In truth, I heard that you like mofu mofu, so I initially went looking for a suitable demi-human body, but I found nobody with the attribute suitable for me.
If you prefer mofu mofu to this body, I can just go look around over there. How does that sound?
There are so many demi-humans here that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find someone suitable.』

The current body possessed by the fairy was indeed cute, but the content of the second half of the conversation was terrifying.

Ruri shook her head vigorously, showing her firm refusal of the fairy’s offer.

Why does the thought pattern of fairies always goes way over the line?

“That body is good enough!” -Ruri

『Oh, is that so. Fine then. So… give me a name!』

(What do you mean by ‘So’? Why is the conversation going back to ‘so’ at this point??)

However, not able to refuse the hope-filled look that was pointed towards her, Ruri thought of a name.

“In that case… how does ‘Rin’ sound?” -Ruri

『Rin? So that’s my name, right? Alright, I’ll take it!』 -Rin

Overjoyed by having a name, Rin flapped his wing happily and flew out of the bucket. Ruri was glad that Rin was satisfied with the name she gave and was relieved when she saw Rin spinning around in joy.

『Oh right. Kotarou mentioned that he’ll be coming over later.』-Rin

“What?! Hold on a second! He won’t be able to enter the city with that humongous body of his, right? There’s going to be a panic!” -Ruri

Just by walking, Kotarou’s huge body would destroy the city.

『Yeah. That’s why he is now out looking for another new body. He said that he’ll be meeting you with a body you’ll most likely be pleased with.』-Rin

Ruri was filled with uneasiness.

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