Chapter 17 – Busted…

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“Say, why did you become a cat? Aren’t you supposed to be human?” -Joshua

Ruri was frozen stiff from those words.

Other than Chelsea, nobody else was supposed to be privy to the fact that Ruri was able to transform into a cat. Even then, Ruri hadn’t even told Chelsea that she was living in the capital as a cat.

There’s absolutely nobody in the Capital who knows that the cat-form Ruri and the human-form Ruri is the same person, so there’s no evidence whatsoever for anybody to think that way.

If Ruri had calmed down, she might’ve reached the conclusion that the reason why Joshua said what he said, was probably because he was apprised to the fact by his grandmother that Ruri, the Cherished One is a human, and he was just trying to gain verbal confirmation.

Not to say that that’s the actual reality of the situation, but that could very well be the reason.

However, Ruri was in such a panic that such a possibility didn’t even enter her head.

『No-, err, well, err…』-Ruri

The anxiety in her was hampering her ability to form a coherent sentence.

As the second passes, she started to get even more anxious, but the words that are coming out of her mouth made no sense at all.

The fairies probably took the situation as Ruri being under crisis, as they wasted no time to form a protective wall in front of Ruri and stared at Joshua.

『No bullying Ruri!!』

『You liar! You said nobody of the dragon race would hurt the Cherished One!』

Joshua who was currently on the verge of being marked as an enemy by the fairies hastily refuted the fairies claim.

“No, no, it’s not a lie. I’m not trying to bully her or anything just now, I’m just trying to ask her something.” -Joshua

『Even though that person was from the dragon race, he insulted Ruri! As expected, you’re a liar!』

“Huh? That person…? Do you mean the person that Finn scolded just now? So the situation with Ewan has something to do with him bullying Ruri?” -Joshua

When the fairies nodded as confirmation, Joshua facepalmed.

“That idiot… Just because he can’t see fairies doesn’t mean he can or should even pick a fight with a Cherished One. That’s just common sense. I’ll give him a stern lecture myself, so please diffuse your anger for the moment, please?” -Joshua

Although the fairies showed hesitance and discontent, they listened to Joshua’s request.

The reason for their willingness was partly because of what Joshua did for Ruri. His action of asking the fairy to guide Ruri to his grandmother not only kept Ruri safe but also lead to Ruri having a great time here in this world.

As that backstory was impervious to Ruri, she was puzzled by the unexpected “closeness” Joshua and the fairies displayed towards each other. She can’t help but inquire about it.

『Are you guys friends with Joshua(-san)? 』-Ruri

The answer came, not from the fairy but Joshua himself.

“Feel free to drop all formality when you’re talking to me. After all, you gave me permission to do so to you.
I had a short conversation with the fairies back when I was still at Nadarsia.
When you were exiled from Nadarsia and into the forest, I told the fairies to lead you to my grandma’s place. ”

With the unexpected revelation dumped onto her, Ruri went wide eyes.

Joshua continued.

” I was in Nadarsia doing investigative work when you and your friends were summoned. As I was there from the beginning, I am fully aware of the situation you guys faced. So is the fact that you are all humans.
In truth, I really wanted to come to your rescue, but my duties prevented me from doing so. That’s why I left you in the hands of the fairies. I’m sorry about that.” -Joshua

Ruri was at loss for words. However, there was one thing that she was certain about.

『There’s no need for apologies. In fact, I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for me. Thanks to you, I was able to lead a fun life while I was here. 』-Ruri

“Although her face is like that, she’s kind, isn’t she?” -Joshua

『Yeah, even though her face is like that, she took really good care of me.』-Ruri

“Glad to hear that.” -Joshua

Joshua smiled. After patting Ruri’s head strongly, he softly hit her head a few times.

(I thought that me being transported to this world was the biggest misfortune I had encountered, who’s to know that I was actually super lucky. Without even me knowing, I was saved by people I did not even know.)

Ruri is indeed insanely lucky to had met the people she’d met that treated her with kindness and warmth. With her being a Cherished One, she could have been saved by people who might’ve just saved her because she was in trouble with no ulterior motive, but she might’ve also been “saved” by people who will want to utilize her status as well.

Nadarsia would be an exemplary example.

As someone who knew nothing of the situation and common sense of a strange world, if Ruri was filled with fake information that would only shine Nadarsia in good light, she would’ve accepted that as the truth.

To that, there’s no other word other than to say that she was extremely lucky.

However, the fact still remains that Nadarsia was the one who summoned her into this world, and the anger in Ruri once again lighted up.

(Those people… those people are the only ones I won’t forgive!…)

” …So, allow me to repeat my question, why did you become a cat? You were without a doubt human when you were at Nadarsia.” -Joshua

『Ah well, that’s…』-Ruri

“What did you mean by that?…”

It was when Ruri was about to give her explanation when a third voice joined the conversion. When she turned around towards the source of the voice, there stood Euclase with a surprised face.

Both Ruri and Joshua simultaneously made an obvious emotion that says “Crap”.

『Euclase, did you by any chance heard what I said just now…』-Ruri

“Loud and clear! That you are Human. Explain what you meant by that!” -Euclase

Ruri who was shaking looked up towards Joshua for his help.

“… By the way, why are you here in the 5th district? There aren’t supposed to be anything here that require a chancellor such as yourself to be present.” -Joshua

“Ufufu, I’m here to give myself a slight refresh from work. As expected, the sight of men with their beautiful bodies is a treat for my eyes.” -Euclase

Joshua was throwing cold stares onto the now blushing Euclase.

“You better not do anything rash! Just look and don’t touch! If you go down that path, I will have his Majesty restrict your access to this facility, you hear me?” -Joshua

“It should be fine if I have their permission, no? ……Hold on, that’s beside the point!!!! Don’t you try to change the topic! For now, let’s move to a better place.” -Euclase

After saying that, as if to not let Ruri weasel out of this talk, Euclase held on to Ruri’s scruff like a captured prey. Unable to make Euclase give up on the talk, Joshua gave a defeated “Oh well. Can’t help it then. Truth to be told, I want to know why she became a cat too anyways.” response and follow behind Euclase.

A pair of eyes saw the whole scene.

“She’s Human…?”


There stood 3 people who entered Euclase’s room.

“Now, explain yourself!” -Euclase

Faced with the piercing gaze that would make it hard to elude Euclase from the truth, Ruri gave up the notion of escaping.
As expected of a chancellor, the pressure she’s alluding is nothing to strife about.

And so, Joshua spilled the beans on what took place in Nadarsia.
After hearing that, an exchange of “I can’t believe that they are that stupid.” “You’d think so, right?” went between Joshua and Euclase. At that point, Ruri was a little bit unclear of something.

『Even though Joshua was in the middle of collecting intelligence, he
didn’t report this?』-Ruri

If Joshua knows of Ruri’s existence, he should have reported it immediately. A Cherished One is found after all.
However, Ruri’s existence was not known until she came to the capital, not even to a chancellor such as Euclase.

“Grandma told me not to speak a word about you. She wanted you to stay in the forest while you get your bearing in this world. If information about you got out, Grandpa would have forcefully brought you to the capital.” -Joshua

“That bald old man would have definitely brought her here to the capital, without Chelsea’s consideration and permission.” -Euclase

Quite the cruel remark to make about a person.

“Right? And if she was brought to the capital without even knowing what fairies are, and had something did to her which brings about the anger of the fairies, just imagine the chaos that would bring…
That’s why I told nobody about Ruri. The only 2 person who knows her identity are me and grandma.” -Joshua

Somehow understanding the situation, Euclase gave a sigh and continued with her questioning.

“Next is you Ruri. Why is someone like you, a Human when first left Nadarsia, now a cat? Please explain that.” -Euclase

『Due to some circumstances that arise when I was on my way to Klaus’s place, I had to take this cat form of mine. And as expected, I was mistaken for a cat. At first, I wanted to change back into Human at once, but then Klaus said…』-Ruri

“Father said…?” -Joshua

『…That it was a good thing that the Cherished One is not Human…
That’s why I was worried that if I told him that I am a human, he would treat me badly. That’s why I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the truth.』-Ruri

“Did Klaus really said something like that?” -Euclase

Euclase was giving a suspicious gaze, but that was without a doubt the truth.

『Yes. Finn who was present at the time gave an agreeable response to Klaus’s word as well.』-Ruri

Just by revealing the truth, Ruri doesn’t think that the kind Klaus and Finn would change that much in their reception towards her, but in the Capital without Chelsea, protecting herself is her number one priority.

“I’m not sure what prompted my father to say such thing, but father and Finn is not the type of person who would treat someone badly just because they are human, you know?
Although there are some from the Dragon race that believes in Dragon race supremacy, said people are minute in numbers.” -Joshua

Although Euclase stayed silence, she was giving an agreeable nod to what Joshua had said.

『But other than people from Dragon Race, there is nobody from other races in the castle, right? Because of that, I had the impression that people from Dragon Race don’t like people from other races.』-Ruri

Such was what Ruri thought of when she first came to the castle.
If she was able to meet a human in this castle, she would’ve asked them about how Human were treated. If there was no discrimination, she would’ve taken back Human form. Alas, there was not a single Human to be seen.

And so, Ruri was certain that those from Dragon Race only have preferential towards people from their own race.

“That’s because, unless you are from the Dragon Race, you won’t be able to work alongside the Dragon King.
You should already know this, but Dragon Race alludes an aura that makes weaker races fear them instinctively.
More so when we are talking about the Dragon King with strong magic power.
Considering that fact, It’s to be expected that those of Dragon Race would take up the upper district, and for Ruri who has been living on that same upper district, would only meet with people from Dragon Race.
If you were to go to the lower districts, you can find not only Human, but people from all kind of races working.” -Joshua

『Is that so…』

With that, what has been troubling Ruri all this time was instantly relieved.

(I should’ve talked to someone about this earlier…)

However, there was still some uneasiness in Ruri. It is exactly because she is now friends with them, that if they were to suddenly turn on her just because of the truth that was still scaring her.

“Well, we can just keep this a secret until you are sure that everybody would be fine knowing the truth.” -Joshua

『Hmm? Should I not tell them that I am Human?』-Ruri

Expecting that her situation would be reported to Jade and Klaus immediately, Ruri can’t help but get a little surprised.

“I promised to grandma that I won’t force you to do anything if you were to come to the capital. Feel free to observe and move accordingly to the situation as you see fit.
But I will just say this, Klaus and Finn is not the kind of people who would change their attitude if you tell them that you are a human.” -Joshua

Immediately following that, Euclase softly said “There’s one person who might change though…” which Ruri didn’t seem to catch.

『Thank you. And, I’m sorry for hiding the truth from you.』-Ruri

“It’s fine. There was a reason you weren’t able to reveal the truth after all. However, if you drag on too long, you might find yourself in a situation where It’ll be very hard to bring out the truth, so be careful.” -Euclase

Ruri accepted Euclase’s warning earnestly and nodded.

“With that, I roughly understand your current situation. That said, what about the part where you become a cat?” -Euclase

“I’m interested as well.” -Joshua

If Ruri were to start from how she met Lydia, the story would drag on, so she skipped that part in her explanation.

『I came upon a bracelet one day. Once I wore it, I turned into a cat.』-Ruri

“Is that the bracelet? Is it something that would change even your smell and existence into that of a cat?” -Euclase

『It’s something created by an overly perverted person that threw his everything into creating something that would satisfy his fetish.』-Ruri

It’s was a devotion that was utterly perverted and disgusting. However, it is also thanks to him that Ruri was saved.

“Why did you even turned into a cat in the first place? If you had gone to Klaus’s place as Human, this whole misunderstanding would never have happened from the start.” -Euclase

『Actually, the moment I arrived in the capital, I was pursued by 2 men. And as luck would have me, I met them again the next day. If I were to be seen going to Klaus’s place by them, I would’ve troubled Klaus.
While that was going on, I encountered a weird guy that found out about my rare hair and eye color. In order to stay hidden, I stayed in cat form just in case.』-Ruri

A weird silence came upon Joshua and Euclase.

“… … This sounds awfully familiar.” -Euclase

“Do you remember the clothing that weird person was wearing?” -Joshua

After pondering for a while, Ruri answered the question from the weirdly jumpy Joshua.

『If I remember it correctly, that weird person was wearing a black outfit with only his eyes left uncovered. He was showing an awful deep interest in my hair color. I got worried that he was a slave trader that I promptly ran away』-Ruri

“… … … …”

With the description from Ruri, both Joshua and Euclase had an idea of the identity of that individual. Said outfit is used to mask the massive magic power of a certain Dragon King when he’s on his pleasure walk in the capital.

“Ruri, can you return to your original form right now?” – Euclase

『Eh? Right now?』-Ruri

“That’s right, now hush.” -Euclase

While being rushed, Ruri had Euclase remove the bracelet on her wrist. Once removed, Ruri’s body started glowing.

Once the light dissipated, there stood human form Ruri.
Both Joshua and Euclase was showing a dumbfounded expression at the sight of Ruri with her blond hair and lapis lazuli colored eyes in front of them.
And then, Joshua clasped both his hands on his head and stared up at the sky.

“*Guohhhhhhh* ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What was the reason for my hardship?!…… I even went over to the nearby country!!” -Joshua

“My condolences. I guess that was a wasted effort.” -Euclase

Euclase was pinching her forehead while sighing.

“Hmm? Is there something wrong?” -Ruri

Even though Ruri returned to Human form, she was troubled when the two people in front of her didn’t question about her rare colors.

“Ah, it’s not something Ruri have to worry about. It’s just something between us.” -Euclase

After saying that, Euclase and Joshua got in close to each other and started whispering so that Ruri couldn’t hear their conversation.

“Say, is it ok for us not to report this to His Majesty?” -Joshua

“We told her that it’s alright to keep it a secret for now, so there’s nothing we can do about that. Once Ruri herself decides to reveal the truth, His Majesty will fit the puzzle himself so there’s no real rush.” -Euclase

“But if Ruri doesn’t reveal the truth, I’ll be given the order to search for her indefinitely.” -Joshua

“Just give up. If you want to blame someone, blame your father as he’s the one that contributed to this situation in the first place.” -Euclase

With his appeal totally shut off by Euclase, Joshua dropped his shoulder at the desperation of his situation.
Ruri who was clueless about what was happening could only tilt her head in response to the scene.

After a while, Ruri once again returned into cat form and head towards Jade’s office with Euclase and Joshua.
Once there, the sight of Klaus and a restless Jade who was deep in his paperwork can be seen.

Ruri jumps up the table with her awesome cat jumping skill and looked at Jade’s face.

『Jade, are you ok? You look quite bad.』-Ruri

“Ah, there’s no problem.” -Jade

As the wrinkle between Jade’s forehead smooths out, he started patting on Ruri’s soft head.
Seeing a kind smile coming out from Jade, Ruri stayed still and goes -.- while letting him pat her.

It was during this moment between those 2, that Klaus passed Joshua a report that made Joshua shouted.

“It doesn’t have to be me you know?! This sort of job usually falls under the responsibility of the diplomat guys!” -Joshua

“You’re the only one with nothing at hand. Plus you can handle the job of a diplomat without any problem, right?
This is the future potential wife of His Majesty we are talking about here. We can’t have someone disgraceful welcoming her, can’t we?” -Klaus

“That’s not true at all! Even so, that… OUCH!” -Joshua

While in the middle of his speech, Joshua shouted in anguish as he was kicked by someone.
Wondering who it was, he turned to his back only to be greeted with a deathly stare by Euclase.

Realizing that he went overboard with his words, he scaled back on his action.

“What’s with you? Is there a problem?” -Klaus

“… … It’s nothing.” -Joshua

That was the only thing Joshua could say. He promised that he won’t spill the bean on Ruri after all.
Meaning that even though he knows the truth, he still had to act upon the assignment.
There’s no assignment he’s not motivated more than this.

『Did something happened?… What’s that about Jade’s wife?』-Ruri

Hearing that, Klaus started explaining when he saw Jade making a bitter face.

“We are looking for a girl that caught His Majesty’s eye. It was love at first sight. We just had a report that someone that looked like her is currently a slave in another country.
That’s why we are having Joshua to go over to get her.” -Klaus

“Who said it was love at first sight? I told you that I was just interested in her.” -Jade

“Agete-dono was saying that as he passed out the search assignment.” -Klaus

Jade sighed.

“Anyways, a residence from the Dragon Kingdom was kidnapped by a slave trader and brought away. This calls for a rescue, even if she’s to be His Majesty’s wife or not.
Until she’s ID’d by His Majesty, she could very well be the person we are looking for, so be courteous if you encounter her.” -Klaus

Klaus gave Joshua a small warning at the end.

“Fine, fine.” -Joshua

Joshua who was absolutely certain that the target is not the correct person. Still, he nodded at the order.

As the conversation seem to come to an end, Jade held Ruri and stood up.

“I’ll take a rest.” -Jade

With that one sentence, he left the room with Ruri on hand.
His destination is his personal room. That was a place Ruri had not enter before.

As expected of a room where each generation of Dragon King has been staying in, the gorgeous decoration of the room caught the attention of Ruri.

After moving deeper into the room, the bedroom brings about yet another different feeling when compared to the previous room, where the color scheme in this is much more darker. Ruri thought that darker color fitted Jade much more.

Jade places Ruri on his bed and started removing his clothes. Ruri panickily turned around.

To Jade, Ruri is just a normal cat that is able to speak. That’s why he had no problem changing in front of her. but to Ruri, this situation is very bad for her heart.

Once Jade finished changing into his simple T-shirt and pants, he once again held Ruri up and lay flat on the bed with her.

『Err… Jade-sama?』-Ruri

“I’m tired because of all the paperwork I had to go through these days. Ruri is really soft~ Just by touching Ruri, I can feel myself getting healed.” -Jade

A flat-out sexual harassment. However, Jade only thinks of Ruri as a cat. That said, Ruri gave a simple objection.

『Just so you know, I’m an adolescence girl…』-Ruri

“It’s fine because you’re a cat.” -Jade

If she told him that she’s a human, what action would Jade take she wonders.
With that, another reason that makes it harder for her to reveal the truth has been added.

It could be due to the excess work that has been pilling, in no time, Jade fell to sleep. Even then, Ruri was being held tightly by Jade, so she couldn’t move at all.

Giving up her struggle for freedom, she stared at Jade’s beautiful face and started drifting in her thoughts.

(Jade has someone he likes huh?…)

Jade is already an adult after all. Even if he has someone that he likes, having 1 or 2 wives is nothing strange.
Because he comes to play with me whenever he’s free, it felt like he has no women in his life. But if we are talking about the Dragon King, he should have a lot of admirers.

I should’ve noticed this earlier.
Ignoring the pain in her heart, Ruri too fell asleep beside Jade.

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