Chapter 15 – Jade

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In the oval office, the dragon king was being briefed on Joshua’s reports concerning their neighboring country, Nadarsia.

“— This concludes the report on Nadarsia.” -Klaus

After listening to the report, the dragon king let out a big heavy sigh while rubbing on his forehead.

“A war is inevitable I see… Such a troublesome problem. Have Finn prepare for the incoming attacks.” -Dragon King

“Understood.” -Klaus

“So, what happened to Joshua?” -Dragon King

“After he reported in with his reports, he left for the search of the girl under Agete’s order. We have yet to receive any sightings report of her.
It seems that the thugs we saw back then bumped into her again the next day but she managed to give them the slip. There was no other information regarding her after that.” -Klaus

“Not even Joshua was able to find her?” -Dragon King

The dragon king was moderately surprised.

Because wind fairies like the magic wavelength Joshua emit, by using the power of wind, he is able to see all throughout the whole of the capital. Be it the exact location where a cat is currently giving birth to how many kittens, to the exact details of an argument between a couple in some random store, Joshua was able to see all of those as if they were happening right in front of him.

That very Joshua was not able to find the whereabout of the girl.

“What’s strange is that although there weren’t any reports of the girl leaving the capital, the search for her in the capital with the use of the fairies proved useless as her whereabout remains hidden to us.” -Klaus

After a brief thinking moment, the dragon king shot out a sharp look.

“So she was kidnapped…” -Dragon King

“The probability of that being true is very high.” -Klaus

The capital is well-known around the world for being a huge port city.
A huge amount of merchants all around the world comes and goes in this capital to trade. At the same time, the capital acts as sort of a refill station for ships that are heading to the Spirit Kingdom or the Empire.

Slave trading is banned in the Dragon Kingdom, and any ships that deal with the slave business are denied entry to the docks. That said, blind spots still exist, and incident of people being kidnapped to made into slaves still happens in the shadow.

The country constantly pushes out new countermeasure to stop these sorts of transaction, which the slave merchants would then again make their own counter-countermeasure. The endless tug of war between the country and these slaves merchant goes on.

Some slave merchants are of Demi-human race. It would be an easy task for them to kidnap a normal human girl like her.

“Joshua expanded his search radius to cover some distance outside the capital, but there is still no guarantee that she’ll be found…” -Klaus

“I would like to rescue her if she was kidnapped, but if she’s already in another country, one wrong step would be politically fatal.” -Dragon King

When Klaus took a look at the dragon king, he fully expected him to be in a foul mood. Instead, it was a simple frown and nothing much.

Klaus can’t help but feel disappointed.

The reaction given by the dragon king to this whole situation was too tame. Disinterested almost. Especially when the person in question is someone who caught the eyes of… correction, first person EVER that the Dragon King showed interest in.

Faced with the possibility of her being kidnapped, Klaus was hoping that the Dragon King would be more upset. However, the Dragon King is only showing a response like it’s a normal everyday citizen problem.

“Have Joshua investigate the situation. There might be others who were kidnapped as well.” -Dragon King

“Understood.” -Klaus

After ending that part of the conversation, the Dragon King took something from his desk drawer and stood up.

“I’ll be taking a short break.” -Dragon King

“… Please take your time.” -Klaus

Klaus didn’t need to ask the Dragon King where he was heading. He knew it just by looking at the thing the Dragon King was holding.

With the absent of the Dragon King, a troubled Klaus was the only one left in the Oval Office.

Klaus was glad that the Dragon King showed some interest towards the opposite sex. However, the Dragon King had not even once mentioned about her until after being briefed about the report Joshua made.

The reason for that could be due to who the Dragon King has his attention focused on at the moment.

Whenever it’s possible to squeeze out some time from his busy schedule, the Dragon King will go over and meet her. It could be because of their wavelength compatibility.

It’s a fact that individuals of the Dragon race has strong magic power, and any other individual with strong magic power will be influenced by it. Klaus was certain that the day the Dragon King will be wedded is not happening anytime soon.

As for Agete, who was trying his darndest to find the whereabouts of the girl of interest, his story seems to be heading towards a disappointing conclusion that rhymes with futile and search.


Ruri lifestyle was dramatically transformed after coming to the capital. The life of having to prepare everything by herself was no more.

Although just having a small room would suffice, she was instead given a grandiose looking room that is located right beside the Dragon Kings bedchamber.

Ruri was understandably taken aback by the scale of the room seeing as it was too excessively huge for her if she was in her human form, let alone her cat form. Upon hearing the reason given that this particular room was prepared exclusively for the cherished one and it being so close to the Dragon Kings personal bedchamber was for the safety of the Cherished Ones, she accepted the room offer.

Above all that, she gets her own personal maidservants as well.

With that situation cleared up, Ruri wasted no time in learning the common sense of this world from Agete.
The need for her to learn was because in this short period she’d started living in the castle, she already encountered the heckling by some idiot which was promptly given the hammer of justice by the fairies.

Right now, Ruri was learning about the Cherished One from Agete. By the way, the ribbon that Agete is using to tie his hair is Yellow colored today.

“Currently, there is a total of 5 Cherished Ones, including you Ruri. All of them are being accommodated by some country out there.” -Agete

『Oh, that’s more than expected.』 -Ruri

“That said, the only countries that we are certain to have a Cherished One under their protection are the Beast Kingdom and the Spirit Kingdom.
Cherished One is sort of a status that any country would like to have, but unless they are confident in their ability to protect a Cherished One, they do not announce having one so willy nilly.” -Agete

『I thought hurting a Cherished One is a huge taboo in this world? 』 -Ruri

Ruri unreservedly blurted out that question. She was certain a Cherished One would be safe no matter what because that’s exactly what she experienced. Anytime she encounters any danger, fairies would come swarming to her side to protect her.

“There are idiots who don’t know that. Mainly, the humans. In countries that are hugely populated by humans, due to their lack of ability to see fairies, they are not able to comprehend the danger that they cause in some of their actions.” -Agete

Hearing this, Ruri once again felt a mild displeasure, or maybe even hatred Agete has for humans.
She took this chance to throw out the question she had in mind for so long.

『Does Agete hate humans?』 -Ruri

“Oh no, that’s not it. There are a lot of humans that are pacifists and really wish for peace and nothing more. That said, humans fall much more easily to the idea of having power over other when compared to Demi-human.
The lifespan of a human is far shorter than us from the Dragon Race that I’ve actually lived through things that humans would call it their history at this point of time. Because of that, the words I use to describe some things may sound hurtful.” -Agete

After saying that, Agete further elaborates the story about the past of a certain Cherished One.

“Using the fact that people in this world can’t defy the fairies, a certain country that had a Cherished One under their protection started a war with another country. With the Cherished One himself drunk in the illusion that he was immune, further exacerbate the situation. However, the country in question that they went to war to also had a Cherished One.
In the end, both countries were annihilated.” -Agete

That said, to say that all human Cherished One abuses their power would be a false statement. Some Demi-human Cherished One does flaunt their power too, but the majority of the times, humans are more likely to go bad it seems.

It is assumed that why that is, is due to the fact that not many humans are able to see the fairies physically, and thinks that the power comes from the Cherished One themselves. They blindly give their devotion to the Cherished One which in turns make the human Cherished One cocky.

“I know very well that only a small portion of humans display such a blatant abuse of powers.
That’s why instead of me hating human, it would be better to say that I’m just trying to warn you about them.” -Agete

Ruri took the explanation like a champ.
The words ‘I’m glad that the cherished one was not a human.’ that Agete uttered before this was justly justified if such a past episode had happened.

However, she still can’t bring herself to tell him that she’s human…

“As there are Cherished Ones who abuses their power, there are also some that take the responsibility of being a Cherished one too seriously.
There’s a past example where a Cherished One had pent up so much stress trying to do the duty of a Cherished One correctly that he/she exploded, figuratively, and almost cause the destruction of the country.” -Agete

『T-That scary!』 -Ruri

“If opinions were stated, a solution can be given. People won’t know what’s wrong if they don’t even know there is a problem.
Excessively stating your opinion about every single thing is a problem, but not saying anything is also in itself a problem.
From what I can see, Ruri is more the conservative type, so please don’t hesitate to confer with anybody if you have anything you wish to talk about.” -Agete


And thus ends the lesson of the day for Ruri, which she then started her trip to the courtyard in the castle.

Buildings that were built on a rocky mountain, looking like it swirls up the rocky mountain itself like a spiral ladder can be seen.
The whole structure is in itself the castle, and the dragon king lives on the very top of the mountain that seemingly punches through the cloud. For the people who works in the castle though, the building in which the dragon king lives in is the ‘real’ castle.

Ruri recently took interest in the courtyard garden, located in the castle.
Although over the fences was a cliff so high that anybody staring down would feel dizzy, being able to fly made Ruri immune to that effect.
Because the people working in this castle rests in the building a few levels below as this is the place the dragon king lives, and coupled with the fact that she is a Cherished One which catches the attention of anybody in this castle, this spot was perfect for her.

While staring at the scenery from a garden that is higher than the clouds, the Dragon King made his appearance.

Ruri gave him a cold stare once she saw the thing that he was holding.

『As I’ve said countless time from the beginning, I’m not going to play with that.』-Ruri

“Why is that? I put in so much effort to make this…” -Dragon King

A slight hint of sadness showed through the perfect, handsome face of the dragon king. Here we have a dragon king that was not able to hide the shock he received.
In his hand was a home-made feather wand.

The dragon king was trying his best.
Too bad for him, Ruri is merely a human in cat form.
Not giving up, he waved the feather wand left and right in front of Ruri. Alas, his ‘force the innate cat instinct out of Ruri’ plan was all but proved to be futile.

The dragon king gave a frown when Ruri who had shown no interest in the toy in front of her turned around to face him.

“Cats love playing with this, right?” -Dragon King

『I’m not a normal cat.』-Ruri


The dragon king was just staring at Ruri like a hawk, in hope that she would start playing with the feather. However, Ruri had 0 interest in doing that.
As the situation seem to only make the dragon king look pitiful, Ruri gave him an idea.

『…… I won’t play with that toy, but in exchange, I’ll let you touch my paw pads.』-Ruri

“WHAT?!” -Dragon King

For Ruri, having her paw pads touched [( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ] makes her ticklish so she would prefer not to. But in this case, there isn’t any other option for her. So reluctantly, she held her front foot up towards to dragon king in a way where her pink pads were showing.

As Ruri seldom gives him the pleasure to touch her paw pads, finally having the chance to do so cheered the Dragon King right up.

“If you hate feather wand, do you have anything you like?” -Dragon King

Although Ruri was feeling very ticklish by the non-stop stroking of her paws by the dragon king, she endured it and gave her answer immediately.

『As I’ve already received everything I need for my daily life, there’s
nothing in particular.』-Ruri

“Ruri really don’t have any greed at all. You don’t have to hold back you know. I’m actually quite rich.” -Dragon King

『I’ll just gladly accept your feeling.』-Ruri

The Dragon King showed his disappointment.

Ruri was probably fed up with him, thought the dragon king.
The dragon king shows himself in front of Ruri multiple times a day and was pestering her like how a grandparent would do to their grandchild. Poor Ruri.

After touching her paw pads for quite a while, he stood up.

『Are you going already?』-Ruri

“In truth, I would like to spend more time with you, but I have to attend to my job now.” -Dragon King

The dragon king gave Ruri a last pat on her head and went back to his office.

Ruri can’t help but cock her head to the side upon the weird sensation she feels whenever she was with the Dragon King.

At her first meeting with the dragon king, it could be due to her nervous first meeting that she didn’t notice it, but being beside the dragon king feels really good.

An example would be a warm sunlight showered on one during spring, or being under a kotatsu during the winter, it’s a situation where you don’t feel like moving and just enjoy the good feeling.

And that feeling is so addictive, that she feels like it’s growing stronger and stronger as each day passes.

Even right now, Ruri was feeling the hollowness left by the dragon king upon him leaving.
This isn’t the feeling of not wanting to leave someone because of love or anything, but more of a sense she was actually feeling akin to something physical.
The person who answered her question to what his ‘feeling’ she was having was no other than the fairies that gathered around her.

『That because Ruri is falling for the wavelength the dragon king is emitting~』

『We also feel really comfortable with Ruri’s wavelength.』

『When wavelength between two people are compatible, it feels really good.』

Upon hearing what the fairies said, Ruri thought of Asahi.
The talk with Chelsea about the reason why Asahi stuck to Ruri was that she was attracted to Ruri’s wavelength once again came to the forefront.

The Asahi that stuck to Ruri like a fly.
So this was how she felt. Knowing what she currently feels about the dragon king and what Asahi did in the past, Ruri can’t help but finally give a nod of understanding and in the same time, fear.

Just because one person is attracted to the wavelength of someone else doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for the person on the receiving side.
Just like the case with Asahi, it could very well be one-sided.

The image of her becoming a stalker like Asahi, stalking the dragon king gave her pause for thought.

As Ruri was getting worried by the thoughts of what Asahi had done in the past that caused nothing but trouble to her, she was herself getting worried that she might do the same to the dragon king. From that day onward, Ruri started to actively run away from the dragon king.


A few days had passed since she started suppressing her own feeling of wanting to meet the dragon king and was actively avoiding him. Someone was currently standing in front of her.

“I’ve finally found you, little girl!” -Euclase


Euclase is the chancellor for the dragon king. She is a stunning beauty with blue-silver hair and green eyes, an image of beauty and brains.
… Which is what anybody would say if one judge by appearance. The person in question claims that he is a woman strongly, but his chest is as flat as it goes.
And his voice is higher than that of a man but low for one who claims to be a woman.

That said, Euclase has the body and behavior that rivals that of the most womanly woman there is in the world. Even by having a close look at her, you wouldn’t think of him as anything else but a beauty in the eye. The number of men she gave despair to must be countless.

That very Euclase that was standing in front of Ruri suddenly picked Ruri up by her scruff.

『W-What are you doing?!』-Ruri

“Don’t give me that ‘what’. Why have you been running away from His Majesty these days? His Majesty is so depressed that work isn’t being done at all.” -Euclase

『T-that is because… there are some things I can’t really explain……』-Ruri

“Silence! I shall bring down justice to the person who made His Majesty show that sad expression on his beautiful face.” -Euclase

『HUH?! Now hold on there yo–』 -Ruri

Ruri was silenced by Euclase and was brought to the Oval Office against her will.
Maybe because the fairies felt no hostility from Euclase, they did not save Ruri even though she was shouting for help the whole way through.

Upon entering the Oval Office, both Klaus and Agete gave a sigh of relieve after laying eyes upon Ruri. The dragon king too lowered his eyebrows.

Euclase placed Ruri, who was dangling in the air held by her scruff, onto the table in front of the dragon king.

Ruri was at a height where she and the dragon king could meet eyes easily. The comfortable feeling she felt a few days back came flooding back to her, but she ignores that and turned her gaze away.
However, when she took a peek at the dragon king, she was treated with a sad looking dragon king.

『Uhh… is there a problem, dragon king?』-Ruri

“Yeah, a big problem. Huge even. I’m feeling very down because I’m not getting enough healing time. I am not able to do any work because I wasn’t able to be with you.” -Dragon King

‘That bad?!’ so thought Ruri. She faced towards Klaus which he then gave her a nod that seemingly said ‘Yeah, it’s that bad.’.

“Did I do something to offend Ruri?
Was it the feather wand? Or was it me touching your paw pads?
If you hate it that much, I-I’ll try to control myself better.” -Dragon King

The dragon king questioned Ruri with a very serious expression.
Well, he himself was being very serious, but people around him was making amazed expressions at his line of questioning.

“If there’s a problem, please state it out so that we can formulate a solution.
You suddenly running away from His Majesty, don’t you think he’s too pitiful?” -Euclase

Ruri was in agreement with what Euclase said.
If someone else were to do the same thing to her, she would be sad too. Ruri reflected on her action as she tried to explain her situation.

『You’re correct. I’m really sorry. Err, according to the fairies, it seems that my wavelength is very compatible with yours, dragon king.
And when we, you know, are together, it feels really really comfortable.』-Ruri

“Then why are you avoiding me?” -Dragon King

Ruri walked closer towards the Dragon King that was currently making a very confused expression.

『Even if my wavelength is compatible with yours, it doesn’t mean you feel the same as me, right?
In the past, I had this same situation with someone else, where the compatibility was one-sided.
She follows me no matter where I go, even if I refuse her, she never listened.
Even if I tried to run away from her, it was like she knew where I was exactly as she chased after me from behind. Those days were pure terror.』-Ruri

Hearing the sad past Ruri had, Euclase gave her a pitying look.

“There are always people who mistakenly thinks that just because they feel compatible with someone else, that the other person feels the same after all.” -Euclase

Here we have Euclase, who was thinking ‘Ahh, this happened to me too.’

“I personally never was the giving side, but being at the receiving side, a few people really stuck to me.” -Klaus

The example that both Euclase and Klaus gave was exactly what I felt from Asahi.

『As I’ve experienced those situations first hand, I didn’t want to trouble the dragon king. If I stay too close to the dragon king, I might not be able to fight this feeling, that’s why I distanced myself from the dragon king.』

Although she wanted to be by the dragon king’s side, Ruri didn’t want to trouble the dragon king like how Asahi troubled her. She didn’t want to make the dragon king hate her like how she came to hate Asahi with her insistence to follow by her side everywhere.

That is why she avoided meeting with the dragon king, while she could still control herself.

After hearing what Ruri said, not showing any hint of annoyance or hatred, the dragon king showed a very happy expression.

“Is that so. In that case, there is no problem.” -Dragon King

『Why? Isn’t it annoying? Being followed around?』-Ruri

Ruri said that while thinking of how annoying Asahi was in the past.

“If what Ruri is feeling is exactly how I feel as well, there shouldn’t be a problem, right? That’s why I said it’s no problem.” -Dragon King

『You feel that way too?』-Ruri

Ruri eyes rounded up in surprised.

“Yeah. I too feel very comfortable when I am around Ruri. But I was afraid of being too friendly with you that you’ll come to hate me, that’s why I’ve been refraining from meeting you too many times.
Seeing as how Ruri feels toward me is how I feel toward Ruri, I don’t have to control myself anymore!” -Dragon King

Klaus gave a bitter smile upon hearing Euclase muttering ‘You’re saying that the meetings you had before were your version of conservative?…’. It doesn’t seem like the dragon king heard him.

“That’s why you don’t have to worry about me being annoyed or anything. Feel free to visit me anytime you like. In fact, I might do the visiting.

『Thank you very much, Dragon King.』-Ruri

This problem that has troubled Ruri for days was solved in an instant seeing as the dragon king had given his permission for her to do as she liked.

If only Ruri felt the same with Asahi, would her relationship with her have changed?
As Ruri was deep in thought, the dragon king kept on staring at Ruri. He then initiated another conversation.

“…… I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, being called ‘dragon king’ makes us look distance. From now on, call me Jade.” -Jade


“Yeah.” -Jade

As Ruri repeats his name in confirmation, Jade can’t help but smile kindly.

The destruction power of a smile by an absolutely handsome face is something to be reckoned of.
Ruri was drawn to his face while feeling a very strong pounding in her heart.

“Your Majesty, please show that kind of face to girls you’ve taken alike.” -Agete

“Ruri is a girl too isn’t she?” -Jade

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” -Agete

Agete’s complaint fell on deaf ears as Jade held Ruri and placed her on his lap. He was stroking on her white fur while showing a very happy expression.

Ruri also was enjoying the stroking made by the big and soft hand of the dragon king as she makes a comfortable (-.-) expression.

Agete can’t help but dropped his head when he saw that the dragon king has no intention of even trying to find a bride.

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