Chapter 10 – The Dragon King

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In this world Ruri was summoned into, there is a large continent.

In this continent, there are countless of countries here and there.
Amongst those countries were 4 major players:
The Dragon Kingdom, governed by the demi-human from the dragon race;
The Beast Kingdom, governed by the beast people from the lion tribe;
The Spirit Kingdom, governed by a Kirin (Japanese Unicorn);
and lastly, the strongest Empire within all the countries currently ruled by the Human.

If the 4 of these major powers were to wage a war, the continent will definitely be left in a devastated state.
To prevent that, an alliance was brokered amongst them from long ago.

The current Dragon Kingdom is a peaceful place where human and Demi-human coexists. In the past, demi-humans was treated as slaves, and it was only after the arrival of the people from dragon race that they were released. And thus the formation of the Dragon Kingdom.

Although demi-humans excels in ability and magic power when compared to humans, they only gather in small groups and tend not to have any involvement with other tribes.
The reason for their closed community ways of life was because they prioritize the culture of their own tribe, which was incidentally the reason for their downfall.

No matter how excellent or strong an individual, when faced with quantity, there’s no chance of victory. Some were killed, some were turned into slaves, and there were some that prefer death over enslavement.

A portion that was able to escape, sought help from the wise and strongest race in the world, the Dragon Race.

The elder of the dragon race from that time got mad at the treacherous deeds of the ever increasing human race and proceeded to free the slaves and created a country that would accommodate them.

The dragon race’s elder/first king wanted to create a place where humans and demi-humans can live together in peace, and actively gave assylum to those without a home, which became the Dragon Kingdom it is today.

Every generation after, only the strongest of the dragon race governed the country.

With his power and status acknowledged from a young age, the current dragon king is of age for marriage.
However, although receiving offers not only from his own country, but from neighboring countries, he was still single and had no intention of marrying.

People were starting to worry about the dragon king for not having even one woman beside him.

Today, Klaus gave a bitter smile when he saw Agete entered the oval office while holding a file with photos of prospective wife that went through special vetting.

“That’s quite a lot, Agete-dono” -Klaus

“I have to let his majesty to look through these today. If there are these many candidates, there must be at least one that would catch his attention. Help me out, Klaus.” -Agete

Klaus followed Agete’s command and started arranging the photos on the table while hoping that this time, a result will come out of it.

“…By the way, where is his majesty?” -Klaus

“He went out on the street.” -Agete

“Again? At this point, it’d be fine for anybody to bring him back…” -Klaus

“That… would be hard.” -Agete

“If only his majesty would act the same as a certain beast king. From what I heard, he took in his 19th consort last month.” -Klaus

“Isn’t that a bit excessive?…” -Agete

“That’s true. Every time he takes in a new consort, we have to send a congratulatory gift. Not only does that cost money for us, we have to make consideration so that the gifts doesn’t overlap with the previous ones that we gave. People from the treasury department and foreign affairs have been blowing behind our backs.” -Klaus

It was during such talk when the door was opened quietly and 2 figures walked in.

Klaus and Agete bow down as they give greetings to the person who was first to walk in.

“Welcome back, your majesty.”


After giving a nod, the dragon king made an unpleasant look when he saw the piles of photos on his work desk.

“What are those?” -Dragon King

“It’s the bride candidate for your majesty. It’s fine if there are multiple selections that catch you eyes. No matter their family bloodlines, outlook or magic power, anything his majesty chooses can become your queen.” -Agete

The dragon king gave Agete a glance and placed his hands on the photos. After that, a flame appeared and burned the photos into ashes which were blown out of the windows, disappearing without a trace.

“Aaaaa! What are you doing?! The candidates that I went through great pains choosing the whole night!…” -Agete

“I told you those weren’t needed, didn’t I? Besides, a dragon king is decided based on his power, so there’s no need to force myself to find a partner.” -Dragon King

“Even if you say that, it’s the truth that the strong will give birth to strong children.
If you don’t like it, then bring your own companion. Not like you have anybody anyway!” -Agete

“……” -Dragon King

Agete was certain that the Dragon King had nobody he’s interested right now. But his silence brought upon his and Klaus’s surprise.

“… Do you actually have someone in mind?” -Agete

“… I wouldn’t actually call her a ‘companion’. But I would like to have a chat with her.” -Dragon King

The dragon king did not actually fully deny the possibility of having some favorable feelings towards the woman he mentioned. Hearing that, Agete’s face was filled with excitement.

“Oh dear! What a joyous news! Where is she now? What’s her race? What’s her magic power level? What sort of person is she?!” -Agete

“Please calm down, Agete-dono. Do you know anything about this, Finn?” -Klaus

While worrying about the old dragon in high spirit beside him, Klaus inquired the man who was quiet the whole while, standing near the entrance.
If it was Finn who serves as the Dragon King’s guard, he probably knows something about this.

But Finn just folded his arm and titled his head.

“To think that even Finn doesn’t know who this person is… Just who is she?!” -Agete

“No idea.” -Finn

“…HAR?!” -Agete

“I told you, I don’t know.” -Finn

Finn talked about the event that transpired in the back alley. About the shadowing of the girl in distress, the thugs she defeated, and the help the dragon king offered.

“At that time, only a few words were exchanged, so her name is unknown to us. But her blonde hair was beautiful…” -Finn

The Dragon King stared at his hand.
The feeling of the soft silky hair of the girl he met at the back alley he touched unconsciously was playing back in his mind.

“Hou~ That’s quite the rare color for a person. Well done, your majesty.” -Agete

Sensing something in the air, Agete started smiling. He turned around and pointed at Finn.

“Hey Finn, let’s mobilize the dragon knight and capture the blonde haired girl… pardon me, ‘welcome’ her to the castle!
We can’t be rude to the future queen!!” -Agete

“Hold on, just wait a minute! I never said anything about me being interested in that woman!” -Dragon King

The dragon king panicked upon seeing Agete’s action. Agete was hell bent on welcoming his so called ‘future bride’ to the castle.

“Oh don’t worry about it. Your majesty did just say that you wanted to ‘talk’ to her. There’s no fault in being attracted to a woman. That just means you have some interest in her.
We dragon race are such being. This reminds me of my past~” -Agete

As if the whole thing was already a done deal according to Agete’s word, the dragon king could only hold his head in pain.

It was true that he was interested in the girl with the rare hair color. But he had no plans on doing anything at the moment.

However, he was feeling pressured by the attacks he’d been receiving from Agete these days.
He thought that by telling Agete that he was interested in someone, Agete would let him off the hook. His plan totally backfired.

“Please, anything but the deployment of the dragon knight.” -Dragon King

If the people were to find out that the dragon knight was used to search a girl just because of a mere interest he has for her, the people would think of him weirdly.

The dragon king looked at Klaus to ask for his help with the situation.

“In that case, let’s call for the return of Joshua. The observation of Nadarsia is no longer needed after all.
Even without using the dragon knight, if it’s a person with rare hair color, she’ll be found easily, Agete-dono.” -Klaus

“I suppose that’s true.” -Agete

With Agete agreeing with that, the Dragon King breath a sigh of relieve.
While at the same time, the thought that he might be able to meet the girl again gave him a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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