Chapter 07 – The Bracelet with a History

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I proceeded with my plan of buying the things I wanted for myself using the money I had gotten from the sale. As I was looking around at the stores nearby, I was called over by a fruit store shopkeeper.

“How about it, these are really tasty.”

An assortment of fruits I had never seen before was arranged neatly.
I was recommended some poisonous looking fruits that were so colorful that I wondered if it was even safe to eat. Losing to my curiosity, I made the purchase.

“I’ll have one then.” -Ruri

“Here, have a ton of it!”

The old man from the shop started filling up a bag with fruits. I quickly interjected.

“Ah! Nuuu. Just one would be enough. I still have other places to go…” -Ruri

I was going to buy other things after this. I wasn’t sure if the money I had on me was enough to cover the expenses, so I was trying to spend frugally.

However, the old man gave a bright smile and passed me the bag of fruit.

“It’s on the house! A present from this old man.”

“Oh, I couldn’t… ” -Ruri

“It’s fine, it’s fine. In exchange, could you show up this in town again?
Of course, It’d be even happier if you would come visit my store too.”

Chelsea told me to accept it after seeing my puzzled face. I did just that while giving my thanks with a smile.

“I’ll gladly accept this then. Thank you very much.” -Ruri

“Come again.”

After parting with the energetic old man, I continued walking around with Chelsea. As I was poking my head here and there because of just how interesting things were, Chelsea told me to behave and not act like a child. But every time I looked into a store, I receive cheers and was welcomed into the store with open arms.

In the end, I received many things from the people there without paying a single cent.

“Is this because I have fairies on me?” -Ruri

“The land that fairies touch produces better crops and face no major natural disaster. If you visit the town, the fairies would come together, and the land will prosper.
It’s a small price to pay if that would make you come again.” -Chelsea

“I see…” -Ruri

So the fairies in this world were treated like the things we called deities in my world.
But because you could actually see the fairy and feel the magic from them, they were treated with fear and respect.

I started to understand the existence called fairy in this world
And the danger I might face by being friendly to them.

(I just hope I won’t get mixed up into trouble.)

With that thought behind, I continued with the long-awaited shopping.

Firstly, new clothing!

As expected, the fashion sense in this world differs to the one in my original world. It is rare for girls to wear pants in this world, and one-piece dress were the standards.

That said, pants is a must for my life in the forest. Mainly because it’s easier to move in it.
It’s not like they don’t sell those, but instead of buying ones that looked pretty, I was thinking that I could just make one by myself. But I wasn’t good at sewing, and tailor made pants would cost too much. I gave up on that thought and got the ready made ones.

After finishing up my shopping of shoes, clothing, seasoning and preserved food that would last for a while, I returned home by riding on the dragon transformed Chelsea.

The next day, I opened the portal to the dimensional space the time fairy was. I was sure she’d be happy if I pass her these toys I’ve bought for her.
However, I was treated with an unexpected sight.

It was the space that was supposed to be empty.
I did place my purchased items in this space, but there should be more spaces left thanks to the influence of my magic.

But clothing that I had no memory of getting, furniture that I didn’t buy, miscellaneous goods such as weapons and armor I had never seen before was present.

“What are all these?!?!” -Ruri

Probably attracted by my scream, the time fairy appeared out of nowhere.

『I’m so happy! You really came…』

The fairy started crying upon seeing me.

“I’m sorry to break this happy reunion, but what are these??” -Ruru

『I thought that you would want these, so I brought them over.』

The fairy was probably expecting me to praise her, but I almost fainted at her words.

“Where exactly did you ‘brought’ them from?!” -Ruri

『Where you ask, from other people’s space of course! I can’t leave this dimension after all.』

In another word, she stole them…
I was speechless.

“Return them now!” -Ruri

『Ehh… Whyyyy… I thought Ruri would be happy… 』

She probably wasn’t expecting me to say that as the shock made her eyes go teary again.
Seeing that, I soften my speech.

“I’m really happy with the gesture, but you shouldn’t steal from other.” -Ruri

『In that case, you have nothing to worry about. I took these from spaces that were abandoned. 』

As I was about to inquire the meaning behind her words, I found myself standing on a staircase.

It was a long spiral staircase that was floating in a dark space.

Although the staircase was illuminating, I couldn’t see the end of the staircase because of how long and endless it seems to stretch.

“This is…?” -Ruri

『This is the time-space I administer. Normally, nobody would able to enter this space, but Ruri is the exception. See that door over there? 』

A door was floating in a distance with a huge ‘Ruri’s room’ written on it. A walking path bridging the distance between the staircase and the door was glowing similarly like the staircase.

『That door leads to Ruri’s room that we were just at. Only I am able to open the door to this side. 』

“Are you telling me that these other doors lead to other people’s space?” -Ruri

『Yes. There are doors that are glowing, and doors that are dim, right?
Glowing means it’s under someone’s ownership.
The things I’ve brought to your room are from the dim ones that are currently orphaned. 』

So she says. But I still feel bad about the whole situation.

“Even if you said so, taking stuff without permission is a little…” -Ruri

『Ruri is such an honest person. My previous contractor actively told me to gather up things that was abandoned in this space and kept things that were useful for himself. 』

“Contractor?” -Ruri

『Yeah. To put in simple terms, A fairy makes a contract with people they like to provide magic power and additional support. Those people are called ‘contractor’.
My previous contractor was also a person who was able to enter this space. Although he always acted pompously and was a huge pain in the ass, he was also a very kind person.』

Within the words of the fairy that was happily reminiscing about the past, a hint of loneliness could be felt.
To her, that person probably has a special place in her heart.

『Well that’s something in the past. About the matter of ownership for these items, the space created by a person is only accessible by the same person. So if the person gave up ownership to the space {Died}, everything in the space will disappear after a certain period.
Considering that, wouldn’t it be better if Ruri was using it?』

“You’ll destroy them?” -Ruri

『Yes. Or else there would be an infinite amount of doors.』

I was troubled. However, I can’t always depend on Chelsea. To survive in this world without any relative and protective fallback of my parents, It would be smart to receive any help I could get, and take those I can.

“Alright. I’ll only take those that seems useful.” -Ruri

『Understood. Oh right, I still have the things from my previous contractor. I’ll take those over to your room later.』

“Eh, It’s fine. Those hold sentimental values don’t they?” -Ruri

『It’s fine, It’s fine. That person told me that it’s alright to give everything to the next contractor.』

‘Next contractor’ she said. Until today, I had heard nothing about that matter.
The fairy was grinning when she saw my confused face.

『I made a contract with you after you went home yesterday.』

“…I had no idea…” -Ruri

『Well, It’s because I like Ruri!』

I gave up on saying anything else after seeing the fairy made a cute sorry gesture with her hand.
The next moment, we transferred to the space of the previous contractor.

High valued looking weapons and decorative items were stacked like a mountain and covered the place in its entirety. I was overwhelmed.

“…Is it really ok for me to accept all these?…” -Ruri

『Of course! I’ll link Ruri’s room to this space here later and transfer the stuff, but if you see anything that fancies you, feel free to take it.』

Although I don’t know the values of the items in this world, I knew that even the simplest looking decorative item rolling about is worth a fortune.

I was starting to get a headache from all the sparkling and hurriedly looked around. A single bracelet caught my eye.

“Pretty…” -Ruri

Other than the bracelet, I took a knife, a bow, some arrows, and a few random things which I plan on giving to Chelsea as compensation with me back to the outside world.

Unknownst to me at the time, I missed a few warnings that were given to me by the fairy during my headache filled treasure picking session.

“By the way, what’s your name? It’s hard to just call you ‘You’ or ‘Fairy that govern time’.”

“It’s Lydia” -Lydia

For a fairy, months and years passes in a blink of an eye.

A new contractor takes over the position of the previous contractor.

Amongst the contractors, only one gave her a name. That was something that happened so long ago that It would be hard to count the years.

But to finally have someone call her with the precious name she was given in the past, Lydia put on the best smile she had for a long time.


After saying goodbye to Lydia, I returned to the outside world and quickly headed towards Chelsea to give her some souvenir.

But for some reason, she started her usual lecture time after receiving the shock of her life seeing the things I’ve given her.

She mistakenly thought that I received those items from a fairy. It was only after I explained from the top that she understood the situation, and returned to her room with a headache.

I imagined that Chelsea would be happy about it, but not knowing what I’ve done wrong, I was feeling sad.

I returned to my room and laid on my bed. After making a heavy sigh, I took out the bracelet I had found earlier.

With detailed craftsmanship and beautiful gems around it, the bracelet was a work of art.

“It looks like there won’t be any problem in the future, but this in it is a problem too…”

After realizing that I’ve obtained a huge fortune in one swoop, I started worrying about my future. I would easily be the target of people who wants my fortune once they knew about it. I decided then to only tell Chelsea about this matter.

After that, I wore the bracelet and gave in to the sleeping spell cast by the warm sunshine.

By the time I had awakened, the sun was already setting.

I got up vigorously to start preparing for dinner, but something was feeling off.

(Hmm? This is weird…)

The mundane scene in front of me was somehow different from usual. But the furniture are at the same place as they were, so what’s different?

Confused by the uneasiness I felt, I attempted to get out of my bed. It was then I noticed my hands.

It was a white fluffy looking small furry hand.
When I turned my palm towards me, I was looking at an absolutely cute squishy cat paw.

After gathering my thought for a while, I screamed.

“Nya Nyaaaaa!!”

But no matter how I screamed, words wouldn’t form. I fell further into panic.
Chelsea who noticed the commotion came into my room.

“Why are you being so noisy, Ruri?
Help me with the dinner al..rea..dy…… …” -Chelsea

Instead of me, Chelsea only saw a white cat.

“Oya~ Where’d you come from, little cat? Did Ruri bring you here? Sometimes, that girl can be such a…”

(A cat?! I’ve turned into a cat?!)

I started making a fuss in front of Chelsea.

“Nya, Nyao Nyao. (Chelsea, it’s me, Ruri!)”

I was trying my best to converse with Chelsea, but there was no way she would understand my meowing. Chelsea did totally misread the situation tho.

“Oh? Are you hungry?” -Chelsea


I was about to give up when the fairy spoke.

『This cat is Ruri.』

『Ruri turned into a cat~』

『We can’t ride on her shoulders anymore because she became so small.』

After hearing what the fairy had said, Chelsea stared at me and started a conversation to confirm the validity of that claim.

“… Are you… really Ruri?” -Chelsea

“Nyan Nyan”

Because words would not work, I nod my head vigorously.
But Chelsea wasn’t absolutely convinced.

“Ruri is supposed to be of the human race, right? From what Ruri told me, her world doesn’t have the demi-human race. Are you telling me she had the blood of the cat people?” -Chelsea

The fairy answered Chelsea’s question after seeing her posing in a thinking pose.

『It’s because of the bracelet Ruri had.』

『A bracelet made from an ancient magic, that turns you into a cat~』

When I looked towards my front leg, there was undoubtly a bracelet on it.
The bracelet that was supposed to be at a size suitable for human to wear, shrunk to the perfect size to fit on my current cat sized arm.

Chelsea then tried to remove the bracelet from my arm. It came right off without any resistance.
The next thing I know, I was surrounded by the same light that Chelsea emitted during the dragon transformation phase and was back to my human form.

After confirming my hand to be that of a human, I touched my face and body to confirm that everything is back to normal. I felt relieved.

“Thank gooooooooooood! I suddenly turned into a cat and wasn’t able to speak at all. I thought that I wasn’t going to turn back into a human!” -Ruri

“Hah*sigh*… I never get bored with Ruri.” -Chelsea

I took the bracelet off the hands of Chelsea and immediately went to ask Lydia about it. According to her, the bracelet wasn’t just a normal accessory. It is a magic tool made long ago that could transform a person of any races into a cat.

The creator was someone who adores everything that is ‘cat’ and spent his whole life to create this bracelet.

Nobody around him understood his obsession.

As for me, I would really like to have had the chance to talk to another person who understands the greatness of fluffiness. However, that guy was from the distance past. I really think we could have been the best of friends.

I was happy that I got my hand onto something good.
But I’ve learned my lesson, that is to listen what people have to say earnestly.

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