Chapter 06 – Arrival at the Market

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We planned on going to the town in the Dragon Kingdom right after we came out from the time dimensional space. However….

“Chelsea-san, where’s the market? Are we going with a car (車)?”

“Car (車)… You mean a horse carriage (馬車)? There’s no way we would have that. Do you see any horses around?” -Chelsea

“Then what are we suppose to do?!” -Ruri

This place is in the middle of a thick forest. I don’t think that there would be any market nearby.

“The nearest village is about 5 days of walking distance.” -Chelsea

“5 days?! Are we gonna walk for so long?!” -Ruri

“That is if we were walking. I never mentioned anything about walking. Plus, the market is not in that village, It’s in a town further than that.” -Chelsea

“Further down you say… even though we have no other transportation means other than walking?… wait, are we talking about some fantasy-like transportation like warping?” -Ruri

Although I was waiting for an answer excitedly, Chelsea ignored me and walked to a place without any obstacle nearby. Without warning, her whole body emitted a bright light.

The bright light started to increase in size, to the point where it was higher than the house, and almost the same height as the tall trees around the forest.

“Ah wa wa wa!” -Ruri

The moment the light faded away, I was greeted with the sight of a huge reptile covered in scales. It had a tail and huge wings behind it’s back.

“Chelsea-san turned into a lizard! Nuuuuuuuuuuuu!” -Ruri

As I was shouting in panic, Chelsea gave her usual witty retort.

「How rude, who are you calling a lizard? I’m a dragon! Don’t lump us prideful dragon together with the likes of the lizard!」 -Chelsea

Instead of hearing it like normal, the words seemed to be coming straight from my head.

“That voice… is that you Chelsea?” -Ruri

「Yeah, we call this telepathic communication, where we speak to one another in our head directly. I can’t talk when I’m in my Dragon form.」-Chelsea

“Dragon… you did tell me that you were of the Dragon Race before.” -Ruri

In the beginning, I thought that dragon transformed Chelsea looked just like a huge lizard. But once I walked around her to observe her body, It became obvious to me that wasn’t the case.

And even though we are talking about dragon here, it was not the long oriental style dragon, but the western style dragon.

It’s… pretty scary.
I was able to touch it normally because I know it is Chelsea. If it wasn’t,
I would have cowered in a corner trembling.

「Come on now, stop standing there with that stupid face and get on.」-Chelsea

It seems that we are going to fly to our destination.

“Even if you say get on… how do I do that?” -Ruri

The current Chelsea is as tall as a 5 story building and was covered with scales. There’s no way I could climb up on it.

「You can use magic, can’t you? Just use the power of the wind attribute fairy to make yourself float.」 -Chelsea

I did exactly that by imagining myself flying and started floating in the air. However, I was having trouble balancing and was flying in the air in circles.

「Learning how to balance yourself when flying is hard at first, but once you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll be able to fly side by side with me.
However, you’ll be drawing your magic power constantly while you are flying so you have to be aware of your remaining magic power.
If it’s you tho, I guess there’s no need to worry about that.」-Chelsea

I somehow managed to reach Chelsea’s head. I then grabbed onto the horn that was growing from her head.

「Now then, let’s depart. Hold on tight! 」-Chelsea

“Ok~” -Ruri

Upon hearing my energetic response, the huge Chelsea flew up high into the sky. Within seconds, we reached the height where we were looking down on the trees of the forest.

I am really bad with heart attack inducing rides.

However, even though there was no safety harness and the only thing I could hold on to was Chelsea’s horn, the ride wasn’t as terrified as I thought It would be.
I probably owe that to the power of the wind fairy. The safe thought that even if I fell, I could still fly in the air.

And somehow the wind was blowing at a comfortable pace around me. It was probably because Chelsea had put up a barrier or something.

Good weather, great view.
Below Chelsea, the view of the forest started to leave our field of vision.

Although it doesn’t look so big from above, if anybody were to be thrown into the forest without any tools to survive, getting out from the forest would be highly unlikely.

I patted myself once again at the fact that I actually managed to survive in the forest.
If it wasn’t for the Fairies, I could have dried up somewhere in the forest.
I was really lucky.

Few hours after departure, we flew past the village Chelsea said would have taken us 5 days to reach. We flew by a few settlements, and finally see a huge town ahead of us.

「We’re here.」-Chelsea

The place Chelsea landed was quite the distance away from the entrance gate of the town.
As I climbed down from Chelsia’s head, I wondered why we didn’t land closer to the gate.
There was a reason for that.

After confirming I had disembarked safely, Chelsea’s body was once again surrounded by a bright light and she was once again in her human form.
She then took out my brown hair wig from the dimensional space and passed it to me.

“I almost forget, wear this before entering the town. At no point during your time in the town are you to take that off.” -Chelsea

“Sure thing. But why is that?” -Ruri

“Your natural hair color is very rare in this world. Worst case scenario? You might get abducted by slaves trader and the likes so don’t take that off.” -Chelsea

“There are slaves in this world?” -Ruri

As my original world did not have anything of this kind, I was quite shocked.

“There are no slaves in the Dragon Kingdom. However, there are a few countries that deem slavery legal.
Criteria like rare races or rare colored people fetch a high price in the market, so news of people getting abducted is not that unusual.
I know that your original world is a peaceful place, but please be alert of your surrounding, especially around humans.

I was being lectured like a small child. With a discontented expression, I wanted to complain about it but turned my interest to a particular word.

“Especially around humans?” -Ruri

“Especially around humans.” -Chelsea

Chelsea looked at my surrounding after she said that. When I mimicked her action, all I could see was the usual fairies that were sticking onto me.

When I tilted my head in confusion, Chelsea explained the reason.

“The only people who would attack someone with this many fairies around them is either a person with low magic power or someone with a death wish.” -Chelsea

“There are Demi-humans who has low magic power too, right?” -Ruri

“For them, even if they can’t see the fairies, their senses are many times sharper than human, so they could feel the fairies present if so much is gathering around you.
For humans, only those who has strong magic power can see the fairies.
So try to stay inconspicuous and be careful. Like seriously, be careful.” -Chelsea

“I’m not a child, you don’t have to say that twice!” -Ruri

‘If danger comes to Ruri, the real ones who would be in danger are those in her surrounding’ thought Chelsea.
During the walk to the town, Chelsea reminded me again and again and again to be careful.

Once we pass the town gate, it was like we entered fluffy world…

My excitement of finally able to come to a place brimming with civilization was further increased by the scenery of the town.

Beastman that were almost identical to a human with animal ears and tails, Beastman that looked more like an animal but was walking on 2 feet, and many other variations of Beastman was everywhere.

As for people like Chelsea who is able to transform to human form 100%, they are generally called Demi-humans.

The children in the town could either be seen with ears or tail growing out of them or half their body as human and the other half not human.
They too were demi-humans, but because they were still small, they are not able to take human form completely.

Those fluffy looking children, are so criminally cute.

I wanna touch their fur…

As I was wondering around aimlessly, the children that were playing approached me. Our eyes met.

“Hey, may I touch you guys a little? -Ruri


I thought that they would become cautious of a pervert that wants to touch them on her first meeting. But they easily accepted my request.
The lack of caution from the kids made me think back about the warnings Chelsea had given me. However, after seeing the cute children and touching their soft furs, I became relaxed with the situation.

“This is pure bliss…” -Ruri

“What the heck are you doing? Let’s go.” -Chelsea

“Look at this Chelsea-san! Super duper cute!” -Ruri

“It’s normal for children to be cute. Play around after you finish doing what we came here for.” -Chelsea

While Chelsea was pulling my one arm, I waved back to the children with my other arm as we walked towards the marketplace. I was following close behind Chelsea as not to get lost in the ocean of people in this busy city.

Once we reached the main plaza of the town, countless shops and customers could be seen all around the place.
Fruits and vegetables that I had never seen before and tools that I haven’t the slightest idea of its purpose was up for sale. Not only was there normal looking stalls, there were also shopkeepers that did their business by simply laying out their merchandise on top of a cloth laid on the ground.

Calling this place a marketplace isn’t exactly correct. It’s more like one of those flea markets back in my world.

I laid a huge cloth at an open space I had found and arranged the herbs and fruits from my inventory. However, I felt uncomfortable with the gaze I was receiving.

It was the same gaze the people gave me when I first entered this town.

People that saw me made a surprised expression and gossiped amongst themselves.
I don’t think it was because I’m wearing a hair wig to cover my real hair.

(I wonder if it’s because of this outfit I’m wearing. Could be that it’s out of style or something…)

This was a clothing I had borrowed from Chelsea. For the Chelsea who was used to living in the forest, that could very well be the reason.

The moment I was confident about my answer, I heard the voice of a child.

“Hey, mummy. There’s a lot of fairies gathering around that big sis~”

The usual fairies were sticking onto both my arms and head. Even though I was used to this scene, I remembered Chelsea saying that this was actually something very rare.

I see. I understood the reason why I was gathering attention around me.

“Could it be that I’m being treated as a rare animal?” -Ruri

“Something like that.” -Chelsea

I was hurt by what Chelsea had said. Without even realizing it, I was made into a spectacle.
There was nobody else who wanted to live a normal life more than I do, but I’m being treated even less like a human in this Kingdom.

However, I really think that these fairies are cute, and have no plans on getting rid of them anytime soon. Even if I was involved in something troublesome, At least I’ll feel more peace in mind with them than with Asahi.

I pulled myself together and resumed arranging the merchandise. The moment I finished doing that, tons of people started gathering around my stall.

“Did you picked this herb with your hand?”

“Yup” -Ruri

“Ah, I’ll have this fruit.”

“I’ll have this!”

“Hey, don’t skip the line!”

We’ve just started the business and the place was already looking like a war zone. The customers kept on coming.
The customers only did business through me. Instead of Chelsea, the customers would always request to pay their money, get their merchandise, and have the explanation done by me.
As I still do not understand what most of the things were and the value for it, I had to refer to Chelsea on everything. Can’t help it that it was taking a long time.

Not to mention, I was asked to pet the children’s head or shake hand with them which had nothing to do with selling our merchandise.

Our store sold out in an instant, and the only thing left was my fatigue figure.

『Ruri gave her best.』

『Good work~』

“Why is it only me… Even though Chelsea-san was beside me the whole time.”

“I told you that it is rare to see a person so loved by fairies, haven’t I? People just wanted to receive some of the fairies power through the things you’ve picked and through your touch.” -Chelsea

“Would a handshake transfer the fairy power to others?” -Ruri

“Nope. Not at all. It’s just a problem of feelings. With this, you should be able to see how this world revolves around the power of fairies, and the faith they represent.
To the Demi-humans that are able to see the fairies, your existence is something precious. That’s why they tried to get involve with you, no matter how small of a part it is.

“Although It’s better to be loved than to be hated, this is a problem in itself…” -Ruri

“They’ll get used to it the more frequent you come to this town.
But be careful. There’s no guarantee everybody approaches with good intentions in mind. There will definitely be a few who wants to use you.
Don’t wag your tail to anybody you don’t trust, okay?” -Chelsea

“Sure, sure.” -Ruri

I was annoyed by the warnings Chelsea were giving me, yet again.

Who knew that I was about to experience firsthand the situation that would make me understand the reason for her insistent warnings, the moment she left me alone…

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