Chapter 04 – Power of the Fairy

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I took a huge breath of the forest air in the morning.

“It feels so refreshing~” -Ruri



Fairies around me were imitating my actions.

It has been a few days since I’ve started living with Chelsea. Although I was saddened by the reality of not being able to return to my old home, I was actually starting to enjoy these day-without-Asahi of mine.

I was given an empty room to call mine in this huge house. With the sheer number of rooms and size of the house itself, it’s hard to imagine only one person was staying in it.

My life here was filled with surprise.

I was utterly amazed at the way magic was executed in this world. Not in a good way tho.

The usual method for borrowing the power of the fairy is by imagining the result you want in your head and basically, pray to the fairy.

It might sound stupidly easy, but there was no guarantee that the resulted magic will be the same as imagined by the magic user. The magic capacity and wavelength of the user influences the result greatly.

You could say that it all depends on whether the fairies like your wavelength or not.

While we are at the topic about my wavelength, It seems that even fairy that is in contract with Chelsea loves it so much that they would do anything I ask of them. Understandably, Chelsea scolded me for having ‘too strong of a magic power’ and ordered me to suppress the amount I use/leak.

After being told that ‘Learning to control your power is part of your training’, I continued to train myself to use magic that won’t cause any damage to my surrounding.

At first, I wasn’t sure what ‘magic’ really was. But after using it for a while, I was slowly getting the hang at ‘feeling’ the weird sensation of something flowing out of my body every time is use magic. I was able to relate that sensation later as the outflow of magic power from my body.

At first, whenever I tried to ‘limit my magic power’, there was the occasional hiccup of failing to do so. However, once I got used to the flow of magic power within me, I was able to control the power output without failure.

Things changed quite dramatically after that.

Specifically my duties of doing the cleaning, cooking, and laundry that I promised to do as payment for my stay here.

Cleaning was done by gathering the trash into one spot with wind magic, and fire magic to incinerate it.

Laundry was done with a magic called ‘Purification’. A special type of water that would only remove stains from the clothing without wetting it. Really makes life easier, this magic.

Because the water from purification magic was safe to be used on both cloth and human skin, I became a little bit dejected. If only I knew about this magic back when I was still in the forest, I wouldn’t have to run all about sticky ickily…

As for the matter of food, magic wasn’t used for it. Instead, I received a lot of fruits and nuts from the fairies. The fairies were doing it to make me happy. Chelsea just gave me a deadpan stare the whole while.

Now then, for the reason I’ve woke up early today, It’s bath time!

Even though I was told that the need for a shower was mute seeing as there was the purification magic, as a Japanese, I can’t abandon the idea of having a nice long soak in a bathtub.

Compared to purification magic, water creation magic is something even the lousiest of magic user could use. As long as your affinity with water fairy isn’t zero, you could easily make water anytime you like. That contributes to the absent of ‘soaking in a bathtub’ culture in the Dragon Kingdom as there was no reason to have a public bath if anybody could create water for themselves to use for shower and stuff.
Still, because of my constant nagging and stubbornness in convincing Chelsea the greatness of Japanese bath, she reluctantly gave me permission to make my own bathtub in the backyard.

“Alright then! Let’s start construction!” -Ruri

『Of what~?』

『Something called a ‘bathtub’』

『What’s a bathtub?』

『No idea~~』

I started imagining the picture of a tub in a small log house as detailed as possible.

Soon, branches that were seemingly alive came shooting out from the ground and started interweaving into the shape of the log house I had imagined in my mind.

I took a victory pose.

“Hooray~ Magic is omnipotent! You guys are really awesome!” -Ruri

『We were praised~』

『We’re awesome~』

The fairies that were praised by me danced in the sky happily.

Without wasting time, I opened the door and was greeted with the changing room. Further inside was a private open-air bath closely resembling the ones you could find in a 5-star Japanese inn. Indeed a splendid wooden bath house if I say so myself.

Once filled with the final most important component called ‘hot water’, the perfect bathtub would finally be complete.

Hey, you can’t blame me for being excited!

After filling the tub with hot water created by my magic, I undressed in the changing room and entered the bathtub. I was fully immersing myself in the sensation of soaking in a Japanese bath which I’ve waited for so long.

Joining in the fun, the fairies too was comfortably floating in the tub.

“This is heaven~” -Ruri

During the time Ruri was enjoying her bath, a letter had arrived for Chelsea back in the house.

The sender was Chelsea’s grandson Joshua, who was working as an intelligence agent in the Dragon Kingdom.

The content of the letter was pertaining the news concerning the Shrine Maiden and the prophecy.

According to the investigation, the people around Asahi was abnormally drunk with loyalty for her. However, it doesn’t seem as it’ll be much of a problem.

There was evidence of Asahi using charm magic. But whether she was doing it on purpose or not, it was determined that the magic power of the person herself is not that high.

It was deemed that Asahi has quite the amount of magic capacity, but the ‘charm’ magic she used only affects people who stay in close proximity to her for a long period of time. Otherwise, the effect of the magic wouldn’t take root.

However, in the stories told by Ruri, those who came in contact with Asahi would turn into something akin her loyal slave.

This difference in result was probably due to the fact that magic exists in this world and not in the other. In a world where magic wasn’t even a concept, the resistance people have for magic differs from the people who were used to it their whole life. At least, that was what Chelsea thought.

As the people in the other world lack magic resistance, the charming effect was at a different level.
‘Even medicine would lose its effect after taken too much’ sort of situation.

As for the citizens of Nadarsia, the reason they revered her even though they weren’t charmed was hugely due to the prophecy.

What stated in the prophecy was that a Shrine Maiden sent from another world would bring prosperity to the country. But if the country does not act according to the will of the Shrine Maiden, the country would be lead to destruction by her.

That’s why when Ruri was framed for ‘attempting to murder the Shrine Maiden’, everybody else other than the charmed Prince acted as erratically as they did.

What had happened was certainly misfortunate of Ruri. But Chelsea was glad it happened the way it did.

The country called Nadarsia was never fond of demi-humans. Envious of the fact that demi-humans occupied more land than they do, countless wars were initiated by them in the past.

Demi-humans are naturally born with some sort of power in them. The ‘wars’ are just the petty excuse used by the country with the ‘humans are the superior race’ mindset to get rid of other countries with people from the demi-human race.

It was obvious which country was the good guy in this.

Chelsea shivered at the thought of things that could happen if Ruri was involved in such a stubborn country.

The king of the Dragon Kingdom is the strongest individual in the strongest race of the world, the dragon race.

And Ruri is an individual from the race that has the least amount of magic potential, the human race. However, her magic power is comparable to the dragon king’s and she is loved by the fairies.

Occasionally, there are people the fairies show interest in. But helping those who got lost in the forest, or bring food for them, is not something the fairy would do.

Fairy governs everything in this world.

Their outlook may by cute, but they could easily destroy a whole country if they were angered.

Chelsea felt that the fairy treated Ruri like how a mother would treat her children.

Safe to say that if anything bad happens to Ruri, the fairy will launch a retaliation in response.

If Ruri was taken in by a country that wants to get rid of demi-humans and was planted of their ideal into her…

The demi-humans would probably be slaughtered by humans.

What’s scary was that Ruri doesn’t even notice that herself.

Those were the content of the letter.

“I guess it would be bad if I leave her alone. ” -Chelsea

Chelsea stood up and heads towards the location of Ruri.


“Haa~ You just can’t go wrong with a Japanese bath. Ah, Chelsea-san. How about it Chelsea-san, wanna have a go? It’s really comfortable.” – Ruri

Just as I finished my bath, Chelsea came in the log house with a serious expression.

“Ruri, may I have a bit of your time?” -Chelsea

“Hmm? Yeah sure, what’s up?” -Ruri

I don’t think I’ve done anything bad at this point of time, but I prepared myself for a lecture nonetheless.

“You went through quite the ordeal at Nadarsia, haven’t you? Do you by any chance…hold contempt towards Nadarsia?” -Chelsea

“Of course! It’s my first target of my revenge!” -Ruri

I answered without hesitation.

Hearing that, Chelsea spoke with a tense voice.

“When you say revenge, what are you planning on doing?” -Chelsea

“I wanna make them cry! I wanna have them bow down before me!
I want to punch the root of all my misfortune, Asahi; my former classmates and the Prince who made up a false charge against me; the king and priests that kidnapped me here; the soldier that kicked me; I want to have them lined up and taste my fist of fury!! ” -Ruri

“Ah… I see…” -Chelsea

Chelsea was looking at Ruri dumbfounded but was feeling relieved at the same time.
She was probably glad that the ‘revenge’ Ruri had in mind was quite docile.

“If so, I have a small request.” -Chelsea

“What’s that?” -Ruri

“Actually, Nadarsia is currently unable to use magic. No matter how much they call for the fairies, they wouldn’t answer them.” -Chelsea

“Why?” -Ruri

Instead of Chelsea, the fairies that were flying around me answered.

『Those people are bullies. 』


『Because Ruri said she wanted revenge, this is their punishment.』

『We hate people that bullies Ruri. 』

One after another the fairies took turns speaking up. Although their voice sounded lighthearted, hint of anger could be felt in it.

“The phenomenon of inability to use magic coincides with your exile to this forest. It was just a hunch, but it seems that I was correct in my assumption.” – Chelsea

『Because Ruri was angry.』

『She said she wanted revenge.』

“Because I said that?” -Ruri


I started sweating after seeing the fairy nodded with a happy expression as if to say ‘praise me!’.

“You mean to say that the fairy is currently on strike because of me?… ” -Ruri

“In this world, not being able to use magic is a matter of life and death. Be it cooking or cleaning, magic is vital for everyday life.
Well, the human race has the least magic power amongst all the other races. Only a handful of people in Nadarsia such as the priest is able to proficiently use magic. But because those very few are now not able to use magic as well, Nadarsia is in chaos.

If your ‘revenge’ doesn’t stretch towards the whole country, could you tell the fairy to stop?” -Chelsea

I want to take my revenge, but not at the expense of the destruction of a whole country.
For a country to fall into chaos just because magic can’t be used was inconceivable to me because of my origin.
However, since Chelsea was making a very serious face. I wasted no time to convince the fairies to stop their strike.

What came out of it was a barrage of complaints from the fairies.

『Ehhh, why? Why? 』

『Ruri wants revenge, right?』

“Well, yeah…… But I want to solve my own problem by myself. So guys, please don’t do anything about it.” – Ruri

『We were……a bother……?』

The cute fairies started weeping. I went ‘Uuu’ at the scene and proceeded to calm them down.

“That’s not true! I’m very grateful for the things you guys have done for me.” -Ruri

『Really? 』

“Yeah! I’ll be counting on you guys when the time comes, so don’t do anything for the time being, kay’?” -Ruri

『Un! Understood~』

The gaze from Chelsea was painful, but I was glad that the fairy had calmed down.

Chelsea gave a ‘what should I do with her’ sigh.

“Ruri, here’s a warning from me to you. You probably learned from this matter, that if anything happens to you, the fairies will respond to it.
There will be people who want to abuse your power.
So I’ll teach you to the best of my knowledge on anything and everything I know so that you’ll be able to make the right decisions for yourself.” -Chelsea

“… Is it alright for you to say that to me?” -Ruri

“What do you mean?” -Chelsea

“The time I was lost in the forest with nowhere to go, it was you who took me in. I am very grateful for that.
I have no knowledge whatsoever about this world, so it’s easy for you to push your ideals and values onto me.
If it’s the word of my savior, I would take in everything without an eon of doubt you know?” -Ruri

When I gave this suggestive statement that hints her on the probability of her using me, she made a bitter smile.

“That may be true, but it’s a very dangerous thing to do. The fairies are smart enough to know if you have been brainwashed. Even if you command them to do something dangerous, they should be able to know good from the bad.
However, there are people who are stupid enough to attempt to use you, even knowing full well about the danger.
That’s why you must not be easily swayed by others. Remember that.” -Chelsea

“I’ll take that advice into consideration. If the fairies are really that powerful, what would happen if I myself decide to use them for world domination?” -Ruri

“I pray for that day to not come. Besides, you are a timid person, you’ll never think to do something like that. Small mischiefs once in a while is fine.” -Chelsea

“I won’t deny that but are the fairies really as dangerous as you make them out to be?” -Ruri

I mean, they look so cute!

Not only in their appearance, even their voices are the definition of cute. I cannot think of them being dangerous.

Plus, even although it’s true that magic is quite convenient, being hated by them and not being able to use magic doesn’t mean the end of everything. You could still live life normally.

“Oi oi, I’ll explain to you just how dangerous they could be… but before that, what is going on with the commotion over there about?” -Chelsea

I faced the direction Chelsea was signaling with her eyebrows.

“There’s nobody causing a commotion there…” -Ruri

The fairies around me were not making a fuss.

“Not here. I mean beyond the barrier.” -Chelsea

“Barrier?” -Ruri

“This house is surrounded by a barrier of invisibility and a magic that prevents anybody else from entering. Don’t you remember feeling something when you first stumbled into my house?” -Chelsea

Thinking about it, I do remember the feeling akin to passing through a membrane of something back then. Shortly after that, I was looking at a huge house.

“When you mention it, I do remember having a sensation of passing through something…” -Ruri

“Normally, you wouldn’t be able to enter the barrier you know? This barrier only works on people with weaker magic power than the caster, which in this case is me. I was genuinely surprised when you passed through it. Not to mention you fainted the moment you met me.” -Chelsea

“… I’m sorry for troubling you.” -Ruri

I followed Chelsea to check on the situation beyond the barrier.

I didn’t notice it the first time I came here, but after having trained myself to understand what ‘magic’ feels like, I was able to see the barrier clearly.

When I look at the outside of the barrier, I found the source of the commotion.

“…ah! It’s that wild animal! And it’s wearing my hair wig.” -Ruri

It was the wild animal that has the body of a bear, the face of a pig, and tail of a scorpion. It was rushing in through the barrier again and again.

On its head was the brown-colored hair wig that I lost back when I was being chased.

I wonder if it had picked it up for me on purpose…

“Surely it came back here because it’s hungry… Chelsea-san, we have to escape or else!” -Ruri

I was pulling on Chelsea’s clothing, but she wouldn’t budge at all.

“Don’t worry, unless one’s magic power is stronger than mine, it won’t be able to penetrate the barrier. That’s why that magic beast won’t be able to pass the barrier.” -Chelsea

“Magic beast?” -Ruri

“Unlike a normal beast, it’s a beast with magic power.
…But it’s weird. They don’t normally act that way.” -Chelsea

While Chelsea was tilting her head, the fairies spoke.

『That child is just here to return Ruri’s hair.』

“It’s not here to attack me?” -Ruri

『Nope~, It’s just here to return what Ruri had dropped.』

『It won’t attack~ It had always protected Ruri in the forest.』

According to the fairies, the reason why I was not attacked by other wild animals and magic beasts in the forest the whole time I was there was because this magic beast was looking over me in the shadow.

It stayed hidden the whole time in order to not scare me. But in the end, It couldn’t stand it any longer and appeared in front of me. Predictably, I ran away from it, and it started chasing me because of its animal instinct.

It got excited not because it has found a prey, but rather because of the excess of happiness it felt. After returning to its senses the moment it lost track of me, it went back to pick up the hair wig I had dropped.
It wanted to return my hair wig and apologize, but because I didn’t appear for a long time, it took drastic action like the one we’re seeing right now.

An action akin to a loyal dog.

“Because it has magic power, it is attracted to your wavelength just like the fairies are.” -Chelsea

“You guys could’ve explained the situation to it…” -Ruri

When I said that, the fairies gave an immediate『We forgotten to~』answer.

I exited the barrier and walked towards the magic beast cautiously. The magic beast then slowly passed me my hair wig which I accepted.

“T-thank you very much.” -Ruri

After I thanked it, it cried “Fu ouuuu” loudly and bent it’s body to my surprise.

『It wants to be petted on the head by Ruri.』

“Eh, seriously?” -Ruri

Facing a magic beast that is many times bigger than me, I wanted to decline that proposition if possible.

However, It made itself smaller be compressing its body and had sparkling eyes filled with expectation. It wasn’t a situation that I could just walk away from.

I pulled myself higher and petted the pig-like head.

It was making a happy whining sound… of very low-pitched… Yup, it’s quite scary.

Quite the contrary to its appearance, its fur was quite soft to the touch.

“Ah, this is actually quite comfortable.”

From that day onward, a huge pet was added to my life.

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